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    It started with a couple tin soldier games. The tale can be found here.

    This too shall pass


    You were the creative mastermind behind Junta, Vince?

    Hat’s off, mate! That is one of the most brilliant games ever made!

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    I certainly agree that Junta is brilliant but most of all, pure fun.

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    Thank you guys. I worked on a couple two-player games. One was Crusader, the WWII desert battle. It was so misbegotten I gave up after one solo play test. Another was Wagram. It provided some entertainment but was not in the same galaxy as Junta. Each side had a powerful stack of units. The French one was the Imperial Guard and the Austrian one, less imposing, was the Reserve Corps of grenadiers and cuirassiers. In play testing both avoided each other and feasted on the lesser breeds who made up the rest of the combatants. I decided it didn’t really have that much to add to the gaming world. Both games hit the trash bin.

    This too shall pass


    Well Vincent, this one was a big hit back in the 90s.  I think my friend had the West End version on the game.  At the time he lived in a group house with 3 other people.  Occasionally we’d gather there and play Junta with our own little happy hour.  Two of his room mates were non-gamer girls.   They both agreed to play one night as a 6th and 7th player.  Both absolutely loved the game and joined in on several other occasions.  So to say the game is accessible is an understatement.  Great design and nothing was quite like it at the time.


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    Vincent, the game is a classic, right up their with Diplomacy. I think one Junta 99% of Ty Bomba’s work, taken together. So if it’s the only game you did, that is something to be very proud of!

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!



    Thank you so very much for this game. I have two copies of the very first printing (one which I picked up back then and another I came across when another similarly aged gamer was downsizing). Far and away my most played game. Probably put 4 to 6 games a year on it. I have a recent version but never brought it out. I feel like I should be duplicating the guys in Wayne’s World, prostrating myself and chanting “I am not worthy”.

    BTW I have also been collecting suitable 6mm figures and buildings so as to bring the game to the miniatures table.


    Thanks for the story – and for the game!

    I haven’t played it since years but it was very popular in my gaming club when I was in Rennes.


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