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    Avatar photoArthadan

    Hi all!

    I have a small Sword & Sorcery miniature company called Forge of Doom, and I’d like to introduce some of the models in my range.

    This is my website, in case you like what you see:  https://forgeofdoom.net/

    The concept is a spider- worshipping cult, with a Summerian-Babylonian underlying style.



    I’m quite proud of the Effigy of Akarabu, the God of a Thousand Eyes himself!

    I’m also developing a background for these miniatures and a pit-fighting game:

    Avatar photoMike

    You and Forge of Ice really capture that Howard-esque fantasy!

    Nice work and thanks for posting, don’t forget to link to your webstore!



    Avatar photoArthadan

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Guts & Glory will be playable in three different settings:

    • The barbaric and frozen setting, from Bronze Age.
    • The hidden and mysterious island of Azor, from Forge of Ice.
    • The exotic lands under the rule of the Spider God, from Forge of Doom.

    We’re few, but we’re going to fight together 😉

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I like the looks of the miniatures and Alex Bates and I are old friends.

    Avatar photowillz

    Fantastic stuff.

    Avatar photoArthadan


    Some notes about the game. It’s heavily inspired by the classic arcade fighting games (think of Street Fighter and the like) and Sword and Sorcery films.


    • Each Fighter has unique attacks.
    • The most devastating attacks and combo attacks need  “Power” (the equivalent of the “magic energy bar” of the fighting arcade games).
    • Each Fighter gains Power in a different way (berserkers entering in a bloodlust state when hurt, savage warriors excited by the smell of the blood of their enemies, gladiators driven by the ovations of the crowd, Sorcerers stealing Power from their enemies to use it as their own…)
    • Each attack has a list of “special effects” that it may cause. Things like breaking armor, stun, etc.
    • Depending on how good your attack roll is, you may be able to pick some special effects from those available for your specific attack.
    • Combo attacks are created by the players, linking “single” attacks. The limit is set by your available Power points mainly.

    Game modes/types of combats

    • Single combat or tournament mode (with final boss).
    • Three types of combat: Fighter vs. Fighter (player vs. player), Fighter vs. horde (a group of 3-5 enemies weaker than the Fighters), and Fighter vs. Monster. All these combats can be played in teams.
    • Needless to say, monsters won’t be the classic Fantasy creatures (no Minotaurs and the like).
    • There will be different arenas, some with their own rules.
    • There will be also “Challenge Arenas”. To claim victory in one of these, you must fulfill its victory conditions rather than simply killing your opponents.

    There are three miniature companies involved, and each one will provide its own Sword & Sorcery setting (Fighters, hordes, monsters, and arenas). You’ll be able to play in a single setting or mix them. The settings are:

    • The barbaric and frozen setting, from Bronze Age.
    • The hidden and mysterious island of Azor, from Forge of Ice.
    • The exotic lands under the rule of the Spider God, from Forge of Doom.

    Here you are two Fighters from the game: the Red Warrior (by Forge of Doom) and Hrothgar Bloodaxe (the barbarian from the game cover, by Bronze Age)

    You have some more information in my blog: https://forgeofdoom.net/category/blog/

    So, how does it sound?

    Avatar photoPatrice

    Nice and unusual, and a real Summerian-Babylonian feeling as you say.

    I play in 28mm but I find useful to have some 32mm figures around to represent strong warriors or big guards or powerful NPCs, I’ll think about these they could be an interesting addition to use in remote places in a fantasy campaign.


    Avatar photoArthadan

    Thanks, Patrice!

    If you’re thinking about getting the miniatures, you’ll find this size guide useful:


    Avatar photoArthadan

    Let me tell you of the days of High Adventure!

    This year we’re attending the Freak Wars miniature fair in Madrid as usual, but we want to give everybody a chance to get our miniatures with a discount, not only those visiting us at the fair. We’ll have a sale from the 11th to the 17th of this month!

    You can subscribe to the Newsletter: https://forgeofdoom.net/%5B/url%5D

    Now, there is much going on at the Forge! New miniatures, our first scenery project, and the game development is going great.

    Rather than making a long post, let’s cut to the chase with some previews:

    Avatar photoMike


    Those are nice.

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