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    My son is 5 now, so I thought it was about time I let him play with “Dads dudes”. I quickly threw down a felt battlefield with a few aquarium plants that are waiting to be used on jungle terrain bases and hauled out my painted Star Wars Command figures. I played Emperor Palpatine with a bodyguard of 4 Imperial Guards and 20 or so stormtroopers vs. an assortment of (anachronistic) rebel scum. We played a simple opposed die roll for any kind of combat resolution (I used d6, the boy used d20 to give him a “slight” advantage), all figures could move the length of a ruler, and we took turns taking actions with a single figure at a time.

    It was a great success, and I have been forced to play a dungeon crawl game and a co-op zombie game with him too (all with similarly simple die mechanics, fudged rolls and on the spot rule making). Great fun. Hopefully we have another wargamer in the making.

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    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!


    Careful there. A week from now he’ll be having heated online arguments about Murat’s cavalry charge at Eylau and the proper tactical use of the M26 Pershing in Korea 

    Victoria Dickson

    I hope you both made appropriate sound effects for blasters and light sabres when rolling the dice.  


    He doesn’t seem to have any gray hairs…

    Deleted User

    Anyone who can put a smile like that on their kid’s face is a great father.


    Well done, sir.




    Rhoderic: I dread the day. He is already a stubborn little thing.
    Victoria: I left all the sound effects to him. Best ones were in the zombie game. He does a great zombie groan and “braaaaaaiinss.”
    Glenn: No grey hairs on him, but hes giving me plenty.
    Ochoin: Thanks

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    The Gorb

    I played with both my daughter and my son for many years.

    Daughter stayed in until  she was 15.  Something about never rolling dice against a little girl kept her going.  She is 23 now.

    Son lasted until he was 13.  Went off to play football and never came back.  He is 21 now.

    With luck, I will  live long enough to corrupt my grandchildren.

    Regards, The Gorb

    Left Hand Miniatures
    Graydon Gorby, Owner

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