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    Tony Noble

    On another wargames forum someone asked if there were any high tech Evil Space monkeys being made. I thought this a rather odd question but then I realized that I now have sufficient CAD skills that I could make some. So here is my ode to a silly question, the Galactic Space Gorillas(GSG)! Coming to invade your planet soon(er)!

    I even printed a couple to make sure the files were ok. The figures are scaled for 28mm and as a really large Bigfoot sized creature. They measure 43mm from bottom of the base to the top of the head.

    The simian menace now just got real…..


    huh, quite cool that!


    Could be just the thing for a planet of the apes sort of scenario.

    Nice creations.


    They’re very cool. Reminds me a bit of the AT-43 Karmans, in that they’re high-tech as opposed to scrappy like most other sci-fi apes. I wish I could do what you do.

    My one suggestion is to represent the fur in thicker, more pronounced “locks”/”tufts” (I’m not sure about the terminology here), the way it’s typically done when fur is sculpted by hand. It’s just a subjective preference, but I generally side with the hand-sculpted aesthetic (for non-mechanical stuff, anyway) and I worry sometimes that the rise of CAD sculpting (which can be a great thing in and of itself) is introducing another incompatible “school of aesthetic”, leading to situations where figures don’t really mix well with each other because things of the same category are represented in divergent ways.

    Look at the apes from Ganesha Games, Ainsty, Lucid Eye, Bronze Age Miniatures, AT-43 etc for examples of the style of sculpting I’m suggesting for fur.

    Of course, others may be of an opposite mindset and see CAD sculpting as a way to break conventions of hand sculpting that they never really liked in the first place. The traditional way of sculpting fur is admittedly exaggerated, and some might value your style especially because the fur is more realistic. I respect that point of view, but I would argue that the traditional look is exaggerated as a matter of practicality, as it’s more agreeable to painting by layering, drybrushing and/or shade washing when the texture of the fur is more substantial. (Also, it probably moulds and casts better, but that’s not an issue for figures that come straight from a 3D printer).

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    Alexander Wasberg

    Cool bananas 🙂


    ha ha great work.

    Inso’s Emporium recently made some Halfling snipers that I was thinking of ambushing as apes.

    Tony Noble

    Tim, nice live action photos, but none of them is wearing power armor, that’s just weak man! Oh, I made some vehicles for them too.

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