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    Firstly , the title of this post is not sarcastic .

    I’ve started re-basing my 1/72 ACW armies (some 500 figures). These were originally painted and based 5 years ago in an abortive attempt to kick start the period with my group . A new member has ignited interest and we plan to start next year. I’ve agreed to re-base in order to align with the new guy’s view’s of the period. He thinks the infantry would be better with 6 figures on 40 x 40 mm bases rather than my 3 figure 40 x 30mm bases.

    I see re-basing the old, card board based figures as an opportunity to re-vitalise them.  I’ve already made a start on the job with the  acquisition of some 160, thin ply, laser-cut bases from the kid down the road who owns a laser cutting machine. The first few units are done and some more have already had the old bases soaked off.

    The re-basing itself is not difficult but it is time consuming. I don’t feel the need to hurry so the thing should take up to a month to complete.

    The project  also involves painting a number of new figures to make up units where what I have was not exactly divisible by 6 etc & the patching of quite a few: these figures were all painted prior to my switching to Vallejo paints so the odd musket & sword needs a touch-up where they’ve flaked.

    However, I can already see the benefits.

    Wooden bases just look classier than cardboard. And packing 6 infantry figures per base, whilst making flocking etc finicky, just looks impressive.

    I will add that although these aren’t my best painted figures, the ‘new & improved’ base terrain I’m using just makes them look better.

    Finally, every base in both “armies” will be in the same style, giving an homogenous appearance. I’m using my new 3 shade flocking method which just looks far better .

    So, re-basing will result in better looking armies and in games. Win:win.







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    A decent base improves an averagely painted figure, a badly done base ruins a miniature masterpiece.

    A consistent approach works for me too. It’s worth taking the time and effort.


    I agree that it almost always improves the look and revitalizes the figures.

    It is however a monumental pain in the fundament.


    The tree of Life is self pruning.

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