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    Avatar photoJim Webster

    A solo scenario that can be played multiplayer. It’s in 6mm for Hellfire, but don’t let that put you off using it in other scales, periods and with other rules.




    Avatar photoTony S

    I’ve always liked scenarios that involve a commander desperately trying to cobble together some sort of defense with a hodge podge collection of troops.   (Which might be why I really don’t like rules where all the “strategy” tends to begin and end with points list building).

    I can only wish I had the figure collection to field the Brigade model train on a table full of Iliada buildings!  As my 6mm SF collection almost all old GW Epic, this particular 6mm Grimdark train looks tempting –


    I also wish I had 6mm Russian WW2  forces, as not only does this scenario scream “Operation Bagration” to me, but these models would be ideal!  I particularly like the various wrecked train pieces, although they do fly in the face of Jim’s ” Don’t Break It” scenario rules.



    Avatar photoJim Webster

    I confess to not being to keen on points systems either. I try to put costs into campaign backgrounds, so that people have something to work with. But the joy of costs is that they have very little to do with effectiveness 🙂

    The Gothic train does look amazing.

    Bandai do a 1/300 railway, ZZ scale

    Not sure whether it’s still available.

    But yes, the scenario would work nicely in a lot more periods. It could even be Boer war


    As for Epic, nothing wrong with Epic, some really nice stuff in the ranges


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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