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    We use The Sword & the Flame for our Zulu gaming.
    I’m vaguely dissatisfied with our approach to the AZW.

    One of the problems is the war itself. Arguably only 4-5 “real” battles. I think SOLUTION #1 is ignore the history & fight our own devised battles. Even start up a campaign with linked battles? It goes against the grain a bit but I think this is the only solution?

    The other problem are the rules. TSATF has several good points (I like the card mechanism, for instance) but in spite of some tweaks, it’s a skirmish set. Now I have 7 X “companies” of British infantry, 4 troops of Horse & 2 X cavalry (Lancer & Dragoon Guard) troops + 2 machine guns & 2 artillery pieces a battalion of the NNC infantry . Most of these have never fought. One of our number is not far short of these numbers of British (ie about 200+ figures). We have an almighty horde of Zulus. Now when will these figures ever get a game? Half these figures? A third? Not with TSATF : it would take a week.
    The combat mechanism is far too fussy.

    SOLUTION #2 might be more drastic. Find new rules. I spent some time yesterday & today looking around. The only set that looked possible is The Men Who Would Be Kings…for *large* skirmishes. Now can they be easily adapted for bigger games (ie smaller battles)???

    At any rate, this would be my wish list:
    Big Battle set: all our figures used in a game fought in about 4-5 hours (ie Fast Play Battle Rules)
    Individual basing (I’m not re-basing again!)
    Units the same size as our existing ones but maybe freed up a little (eg Zulus 20-25, Horse 8-10 etc. I always paint “spare” figures & exact numbers never seem quite right to me.) The units could be re-designated, of course. Our “companies” become platoons etc.
    Hidden movement/deployment component (whether map or counter) for the Zulus. Related would be terrain that allows the Zulus to “disappear”. You know they are there but can’t shoot them as you can’t see them.
    Transport a factor (ie must take a supply train which is unwieldy)
    Fast play ammunition rules (jamming Gatlings, infantry needing access to Ammo mules etc)
    Command structure for *both* sidesBoth sides have a chance at victory.

    I *would* be open to a rule set that had the Zulus on auto-pilot & us (the players) taking the British.

    So any comments/suggestions on any of the above?


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    Off the top of my head look at Victorian Steel rules.


    While not a fan of Larry Brom or TS&TF have you looked at the myriad of other rules on the Sergeants3 website?



    Look at the rules and variants at the bottom of the page.


    800 Fighting Englishmen for larger battles.

    The Sword in Africa

    Product Name: The Sword to Adventure Close Combat Variant
    By the Jackson Gamers, a variant “for gamers who do not like Larry Brom’s Original melee system”.


    By Battalion- Volley Fire



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