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    Alexander Wasberg

    Not too long ago I shared the first units of the NIJA’s SADU. While I’m still working on some more mechs for the NIJA, I have something else for you today.


    Today I have some opposition to present, the New Terran Commonwealth’s 1st combat engineers:


    The entire 1st unit, engineers and their 3 mechs.


    Experimental command mech, designated “Demon”.


    The Warrior line mech, manufactured by Sanada Heavy Industries. Slowly becoming a more and more common sight on the battlefield, these mechs are the workhorses for many of the mech companies of the major powers on the fringe.


    One of the engineers, in standard issue hardsuit, carrying his short gauss carbine,


    Each unit is equipped with a multi-purpose missile launcher, using a configurable payload.


    I have a few more pics on the blog:


    Thanks for looking!


    Sanada Heavy Industries.

    They the chaps that made the ship?

    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s right, Sanada Heavy Industries are one of those MegaCorps with market shares in almost everything, civilian and military!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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