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    Did a review of an oldie but a goodie – intend to use it for miniatures in teh future, but for right now enjoying learning it in its original form:

    “Team Yankee” boardgame, part of the First Battle series by GDW. Frankly [no pun intended] it is more interesting to me in its game mechanics than the Johnny-come-lately by Battlefront. I was pleasantly surprised.  Anyone else have this game or try to use it for miniatures?  Thanks for your thoughts.


    Jemima Fawr

    Yes, I’ve got it here somewhere.  I played it at the time but preferred the boardgame ‘Air Cav’, which despite the deceptive name, was a damn good set of WW3 wargame rules.  Sadly however, my copy of Air Cav died due to a leaky roof… 🙁

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    I liked the system quite a bit a d bought every game in it.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    I remember that I played it but now don’t remember if I liked it.



    I’m working a deal to get Test of Arms and Sands of War, also. What did you think of the rules development over time? Also, bought Blood and Thunder today, should get it in a few weeks. That’s the WWII version.  I heard from some that the rules tightened up for the better over the series, and others indicated they didn’t, which is confusing!  I’m not too worried, however, as I’m writing up my own master copy including my own interpretations as needed.


    The rules are simple enough that not much tightening needed to be done. It did nove from a D6 to a D10 system, IIRC, which I didn’t like. Also, counter design could have been much better, especially in Blood and Thunder, where you really need to keep track of unit cohesion and morale.

    But hell, I even liked Stand & Die, which most people hate. I would have loved to see S&D style counters in B&T.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Norm S

    I had it and bought the spin off game, including Stand and Die, which was quite a product (physically) in its day.

    For me, I enjoyed Team Yankee for its simple approach of odd ratio based combat, a very different style to the Squad Leader series (also a great fave) of precision of gun / armour factors, which dominated at that time. It seemed to produce better results than it should have! and I think I rather admired the ‘thinking outside the box’ aspects to the design.

    The silvering on the box also appealed to my ‘shiney’ senses and on the back of the game, I got the Team Yankee book (by Coyle or Doyle?), and photo copied the pages that related to the scenarios in the box, just for a greater sense of game narrative.

    GDW were a fantastic wargames company.

    Duncan Allen

    Thanks for the review, it was very interesting.

    I had this game back in the day and I remember thinking it was too simple but after reading your review I think that my opinion would be different now.

    I have been toying with using the Assualt game rules (another Frank Chadwick design which predates Team Yankee) as a basis for a miniatures game but maybe Team Yankee is a better choice (but I do like the command rules in Assault)


    Hey Duncan,

    I guess it depends on what period you plan to play. I think that there are distinct and purposeful differences among the many iterations of the game design – vaguely named the “First Battle Series” – but the TY and B&T seem to be the key designs for Moderns and WWII. I’m uncertain about the others, which include wars through modern middle east history, korea, and even the Falklands, I believe!

    I will say that I think either of these, from the start and end of the rules design period – should work for any period as an adaptation if not outright.

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