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    To get back in the swing of gaming, I had a go at the example WW2 scenario in Bob Cordery’s The Portable Wargame, re-setting it from the Eastern Front to the Western.  It worked really well, it had some interesting subtleties within the very simple set of rules. For details, please see here.


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    Cheers for this post a great AAR and a good read.

    Avatar photoTony S

    I rather like the Portable Wargame series of rules.  I thought they were too simple and abstract, but in practice, I found that battles seem to develop in a most agreeable way.  I prefer them over the Neil Thomas rules, although the NT rules have random forces and many interesting scenarios, which are hugely attractive to me I admit.

    Sure, the PW rules are still very abstract and purists will detest the lack of detail, but sometimes one just feels like a simple, fun game.  The suggested solo rules using cards also work quite well for two player games.

    If you don’t mind me boldly adding my rules interpretations, in answer to your question concerning how many units are allowed in a square – on page 45, final sentence on the bottom of the page, only one unit (save commanders and horse transport) is allowed to start or end in a square.  (So interpenetration is allowed obviously).

    As for moving, shooting and entering close combat – my thinking is no, based on the turn sequence on page 43. A unit may move & fire, OR move and initiate close combat.  Given those specific proscriptions, I play that units can do one or the other, but not both in the same turn.

    Anyway, lovely little AAR you’ve written.  Loved reading it!

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Thanks both, appreciate that.

    @Tony S, both those interpretations seem reasonable, many thanks.

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