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    First of the final round of playtests for the new book… And it proved to be a down to the wire one!

    The Germans pushed early, and hard, using Panzermarsch and took one bridge, only to be held up by a French AT gun position. But the slow advance of the French Char Bs, took the other bridge and then ground forwards into the German rear. Char Bs really are pretty darn unstoppable! Of three, one was imobilised, the other two carried on stomping around when not pinned. Truly scary beasts.

    The German force was gutted, but held out with a single BR point remaining, and for several turns held out against French attacks thanks to Garry’s luck and Cyril’s poor rolling. It did look like an inevitable French victory.

    Then the French finally destroyed a unit, and the Germans drew a chit… Which turned out to be a Breakdown! This was promptly played on the French CO in his tank, and with a roll of six, the French tank shuddered to a stop and caught fire… The two chits for the loss of the Battlegroup Senior Officer promptly took the French over their BR rating!

    So a very dubious German victory… Not that they had many men left!

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    That looks fab love the buildings home made? Top notch

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    Exciting game – who knew the Breakdown chit had such power! A pretty catastrophic blow to C2 though…

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

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    I wondered how many figures (and models) each side had? A breakdown of used troops would be great.


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