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    … and should land in SoA member’s postboxes in the next few days!  Here is the cover picture, together with a list of the contents and a short summary of each article , or go to the SoA news page for more information..

    'Come any nearer and I'll throw it, I'm warning you!'




    Gerald the Great on Battleaxe Hill: Part 2
    Mick Hession concludes his fascinating analysis of warfare in 16th century Ireland, with a focus on the battle of Knockdoe  …

    Wargaming Knockdoe
    … and then gives some insights on how it can be recreated as a wargame using DBMM.

    When the Going Gets Tough
    A thread on the Society’s forum prompted David Kay to consider the role of terrain and its representation on the wargames table, and to suggest aspects for further investigation or discussion.

    (Perhaps a timely article?  Does terrain on ancient wargames tables sometimes seem to lean towards ‘sparse’?  If so, does this reflect a degree of terrain phobia among gamers or is making terrain just another job that’s hard to get to the top of the lead pile?)

    Paraitakene with Big Battle DBA
    Paul Murgatroyd suggests that Big Battle DBA hits the sweet spot between the panorama of a large game and the playing speed of a small one, even for complex armies.  He also explains how and why.

    The Chronicles of the Teutonic Knights
    No, not by Dan Brown but even better, the only English translation of the little-known ‘Chronicle of the Prussian Lands’ (by Peter von Dusburg), which is the oldest account of the origins and spread of the Teutonic Knights.  Translation by Elaine Graham-Leigh with comments by Paul Stein.

    Carthage vs Rome with Hail Caesar
    What it says on the tin and illustrated with some great looking photos of a very attractive battlefield (almost an echo of points made in David Kay’s article).  By the way, don’t be worried by the pictures, I’m sure no Teddy bears were harmed during the making of the terrain. Article by Steven Neate.

    The Continuing Story of DBM
    Despite being considered old school by many, DBM remains a popular ruleset that has stood the test of time. John Graham-Leigh gives some reasons for that longevity.

    The Play’s the Thing
    A wonderful piece of one-to-many counselling, from Gordon Lawrence, for those of us (well me, for sure) who suffer from wargamer-modeller’s catagelophobia (particularly, for wargamer’s, the fear of not meeting the required standard of painting and basing).

    Slingshot Book & Game Reviews
    Covering ‘The Last Years of the Teutonic Knights’, ‘The Great Illyrian Revolt’, Roman Legionaries: Soldiers of Empire’ and ‘Ancient Dynasties: The Families that Ruled the Classical  World’.

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    Looks good.


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