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    Slingshot 324 is with the printers and should be available by mid-May.  Here is a list of the contents with a short summary of each article and the cover picture, or go to the SoA news page for more information.

    Slingshot #324 cover


    Guardroom  (Well, actually, not this time.  Sorry.)

    DBA 3 – Improving the Simulation – by Joe Collins  Examines the historical role and efficacy of auxilia, pike phalanxes and archers generally and with particular reference to DBA v3

    Coals to Newcastle: Playing Welsh DBA Lists in Wales – by Martin Smith  What it says on the tin – some great battle reports. Irresistible?

    The Early Japanese Army: Reexamining the DBA 3.0 Army Lists – by Nicholas Spratt  Considers the Early Japanese lists in the context of the history of the formation of the Japanese state and military.

    Battle Day Reports – by Roy Boss and Duncan Head  An overview of the Battle Day by Duncan Head along with an Armati battle report from the day by Roy Boss and others.

    Simple Campaign for Danelaw Britain: A Solo or Programmed Campaign for DBA 3 – by Paul Stein  A very interesting article on campaigning in Danelaw Britain, which, though slanted towards DBA, can easily be applied to other rule sets and also provides a useful summary of the history of that era.

    The Battle of Montgisard, 1177 AD – by Nicholas Harbud  Nick examines the little known Battle of Montgisard, the Kingdom of Jerusalem’s great victory against Saladin, and lays out a scenario for wargaming the battle (with any rule set).

    Slingshot Figure Reviews: 40x40mm Isolated Tower – by Andreas Johansson  A review of a recent addition to the Baueda range that also includes some useful insights into completing, painting and enhancing the model.

    Slingshot Book & Game Reviews
    Two-handed Sword: History, Design & Use – reviewed by Anthony Clipsom
    Antipater’s Dynasty – reviewed by Duncan Head;
    Roman Legionaries, Soldiers of Empire – reviewed by Aaron Bell;
    With Alexander in India & Central Asia – reviewed by Andreas Johansson;
    Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World – reviewed by John Drewienkiewicz.

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    That is a lovely looking cover.

    Avatar photoOB

    It’s a timely reminder to re-subscribe for me.  A striking cover too.


    Avatar photoJohn D Salt

    Are single issues available for non-members?

    All the best,


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    John, it looks like it is from this page: http://soa.org.uk/joomla/slingshot-back-issues . I think. More implied rather than stated. Regardless, that ‘Golden Age of Slingshot’ looks mighty tempting….

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