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    Has anyone read this? What are your thoughts?
    I’ve seen so many glowing reviews for it I took the plunge and bought the audiobook of the first book. I’ll spare you pages and pages of rant but after 16 hours into the 40 hour audiobook I’m sad there are people who say they relate with the main character.

    One thing I really love about the book, it made me most sympathetic towards goblins than anything else I’ve read including books with goblin main characters. I wished the book was about Rags, one of the goblins.

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    Cannot say I have heard of it.

    If it’s the same book as this site https://wanderinginn.com then it looks [Site demographics] predominantly a US based ‘fan base’ and decidedly younger than I…

    I’ll be honest and say the web chapter by chapter delivery and ‘cute’ characters on the site would have put me off – possible a bad bias on my part and I’ve missed something interesting???

    Is it worth the £3 on Kindle as the Amazon synopsis says nothing about the story development?


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    Its the same book. I only found out after quitting the book and researching more that it was available for free elsewhere otherwise I would have checked out a few chapters first. Feeling major buyer remorse. I got it from Audible, without a membership.

    The premise was supposed to be a slice of life story about running an inn, in a fantasy world. I’ve been pretty tired of fantasy stories always being epic world ending events so this looked really interesting.

    After reading Amazon’s 1 and 2 star reviews I don’t feel as if I bought the wrong book or was missing something anymore. I should have started with those reviews.

    I don’t think it’s worth any money. Read the free chapters and you can make our own mind. I’m cautious about calling it BAD since a lot of people seems to like it a lot. I suspect you are right, its aimed at the younger modern audience and I am far from those.

    There are two main characters, the main main character Erin is a woman who loves chess. She meets two town guards early in the book who ofered to clear the area around the inn of goblins for her, but was adament they didn’t. She didn’t want anyone to kill the goblins. Can’t remember if it was before or after she met the town guards, a few goblins breaks into the inn and she killed them, throwing one body out the window to scare the other away.

    Later on, one of the town guards killed three goblins around her inn and she freaked out, crying and all for their death. She brokedown even more when she found their bodies and found out two were female. The tribe quickly surround the inn to get revenge as she was burying the bodies of the 3 dead ones, but only the chief followe her into the inn. She kills it, self defense but no remorse what so ever.

    Later on still, the rest of the tribe attacked the inn again. She fought them killed a bunch, they stabbed her until near death before one of the town guard happens to pop by. He gave her his potion so she wouldn’t die and fought the rest to protects her. He dies, she feels very bad for her friend, no remorse at all about killing those goblins. The town blames her for the guards death and after hiding away for a bit (same day) made friend with a new character, went back to the inn to play chess and all was good. That was where I quit.

    There’s a lot of other little things, but that was the final straw for me.

    The other character, Ryoka, I blanked on after listening to chapters after chapters of Erin’s incopetence. All I know is Ryoka likes runnig, run better than most in that fantasy world and also knows martial arts.

    There was little about runinng an inn, it felt like an afterthought or more akin to her simply cooking for her friends in the 1/3 I listened to. Erin reads like an author insert and Ryouka might be wish fufilment.

    Sorry about that, I ended up ranting anyway.

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    I’ve been pretty tired of fantasy stories always being epic world ending events so this looked really interesting


    The early Gotrek and Felix novels are very much local events for local people.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    It sounds almost like someone’s D&D game that they decided to flesh into a book, badly.

    I had also thought about giving this book a try till I read the reviews.  Interestingly, there are some supplements you can but from DrivethruRPG that give rules for running taverns or even estates for various game systems (like Harnworld, D&D, OSR, etc) which you could literally use to write a story.  Sort of like penning the results of a solo adventure.  Give it a try!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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    @ Mike
    Gotrek and Felix sounds familiar. How many books in before it starts getting epic?

    I don’t think the author plays RPG. The book is supposed to be LitRPG (a genre I have learned to hate) but there’s no goal in the book at all. The characters just drift along without commonsense or consistency. Ryoka refuses to level up and Erin is, a pacifist I guess.

    I dare you to give a few chapters a read. Sometimes I think I’m overreacting.

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