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    Hello everyone,

    Baker’s command, consisting of four companies of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry and 55 men mounted from the 13th Infantry US Infantry, moved north of Fort Shaw on 19 January 1870, in search of the Mountain Chief Piegan Band village. But that will be the camp of 32 Tepee of the Piegan leader  Heavy Runner, which was considered peaceful that will suffer the fury of Major Eugene M. Baker …

    United States Army, Major Eugene M. Baker, Commander.

    2nd United States Cavalry Regiment

    Company F, First Lieutenant Gus Doane.
    Company G.
    Company H.
    L Company, Captain Lewis Thompson.

    13th Infantry Regiment of the United States

    Detachment mounted, 55 men.

    Upon learning of the raid, the Mountain Chief Band escaped from the Canadian border.

    My question is who knows the strength of the four companies of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry that attack the camp of 32 Tepee of the Piegan leader Heavy Runner?

    Thank you



    Several articles on the dickshovel site and elsewhere estimate Baker’s force as 200 cavalrymen. This number probably includes the 55 mounted infantry. A strength of 145 for the four companies of the 2nd Cavalry would give an average strength of 36 men per cavalry troop. The three scouts with Baker were civilians and “A band of armed civilian volunteer avengers, or adventurers” are said in one report to have joined the expedition at Ft. Shaw, but only a few of them are identified by name, they can’t have been many. One web article gave the total strength of Baker’s force as 380 men, but this source is an outlier and I don’t trust it. Dickshovel makes an effort to be accurate, I recommend that site:



    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    Yes thank you Irv, I know these web site there, but I find it odd that there is not something more precise about the numbers of the 2nd cavalry during this “campaign” …

    I know that the 2nd Cavalry and the 13th Infantry had BLRC Spencer, but did the cavalrymen have revolvers and sabers?

    And the mounted infantry?

    And in what outfits were they?

    Winter clothes of the kind of the war of secession?



    Well, Minifigs proposes some, but these figures are incompatible with more recent figures, nobody has any idea? Or how were dressed 2nd U.S.Cavalry and 13th U.S.Infantry on January 23, 1870 on the Marias river?

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