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    I’ve bought a copy of The War of the Three Kings the latest iteration of the popular Beneath the Lily Banners rules. The focus is on the Williamite War in Ireland though any in period conflict could be gamed with it. I missed the first two versions although I followed games via blogs and the League of Augsburg website.  Anyhow, the format is a good quality hardback book in what used to be called a ‘Coffee Table’ format so lots of good and useful illustrations.  I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    As I read through the various chapters I found myself warming to the authors approach and also felt it somehow familiar.  By the time I’d finished it I realised that the approach could be described as Piquet Field of Battle without the cards, for me that’s a very good thing as I understand the dice mechanisms etc.  There’s the same degree of uncertainty too, units may not do what you want. All in all, I’m impressed and the author’s deep knowledge of the period shines through out.

    If your looking for a new set of rules for the period, or, I think, for the ECW, The War of the Three Kings is worth a look.

    If anyone else is using The War of the Three Kings I’d be interested in your views and experiences .


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