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    Otto Schmidt

    Dear List


    Just a note. “The Weekend” Convention, put on by The Society of Daisy will be held on June 17th, 18th, and 19th 2016 at the Continental Inn,  2285 Lincoln Highway East, (Route 30 East) Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA.  17602.  We will also be opening up a small room on the 16th for those early birds who want to game.  The cost for the convention is free if you book a room at the hotel and if you book elsewhere  or are a walk-up we ask a $20 donation.  There is no dealer area, but there is a “Free Table” and a Bring and Buy table, and the games are first rate. The ballroom is spacious at 5,000 ft, and we lave lots of games. There is of course “the munchies pit” smack dab in the middle of the whole thing where gamers are free to socialize, drink, brag, reminisce, tell tall tales and outright lies, and enjoy the camaraderie of old friends and the joy of making new ones.

    Last years “theme” was ‘The Wars of the 18th Century.” The theme for 2016 will be “Space Babes: Science Fiction Wargaming.” Themes don’t mean too much, we just do them to give us to slap a certain style of cover art on the bulletins and after action report. This year we already have games in the Civil War, World War Two, Seven Years War, and– oh yes, science fiction.


    This is a different model of convention and a different style, where the emphasis is on “fun, friends, fellowships, games, food, fun, and having a good time.  The facility is excellent with  roll-on-roll off capability (if there wasn’t carpeting on the floor you could drive your car right up to the table top and unload) and the hotel offers a free FULL breakfast with each room. Two swimming pools, and an outdoor kiosk which serves luncheon on the grass by the pool. We also have a kickoff dinner on the 16th and the gaming goes non-stop.  We publish a 48 page full color after action report Keepsake booklet which is free to all attendees giving battle reports and articles on wargame as a keepsake.  Quarterly updates on what we are planning and gaming are available.

    If you are interested in hearing more or getting on the mailing list, write me at [email protected] and I’ll send you out some material. Be sure to send your postal address. We are setting up a Yahoo group do some things electronically.







    Please feel free to add this to our event calendar via this LINK

    Otto Schmidt

    Dear Editor Mike


    Thanks but I’ll just drop a note now and then. I don’t know how much my intrustion here will be welcomed. I get the feeling this is largely an English thing.

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