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    The Worlds is an international multi-ruleset historicals event that has run in various locations for the last few years – last weekend it was in Charleroi in Belgium, and featured events for L’Art de la Guerre (45 players, 6 countries), FoGAM (30 players, 5 countries), FoGR (8 players, 4 countries) and a smattering of other local events too.

    The 6 battle reports from my 6 (mostly disastrous) games of ADLG will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, however in the meantime here is a podcast recorded in the car at the Channel Tunnel on the way home from the event, in which we discuss the hitherto unknown skills involved in ADLG list building, how post-industrial decay can, if carefully managed, become a tourist attraction, and whether fruit-based drinks are morally acceptable in modern society.

    So, if the idea of two wargamers chuntering about what they ate and drank over the course of a weekend in Belgium (plus a bit of stuff about the games we played too) sounds like the sort of thing you want to listen to whilst painting, feel free to download (or stream) and have a listen.

    Post Industrial Decay and Fruit-based Drinks – a Madaxeman.com Podcast

    I’ve also published the results from the ADLG competition on my site, and have managed (so far) to get copies of around 1/3 of the army lists used at the event as well – all available here

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