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    Mark Austen

    This has just been put up on the Gydran Miniatures Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Gydran/?hc_ref=ARQMPbutY0316i0sYxaqyBPoZlDbQEmHxGC93SyWncxmmyM3PD_OYZ4vfeUGi0nmZdY&fref=nf

    Good morning, everyone.

    As some of you may know we were at PAW 2018 this year for the second year in a row. It was great to see some familiar faces and catch up with some of the amazing members of our miniature and games industry here in the UK.

    Unfortunately something happened during the show that somewhat soured the experience for us. On the Sunday it came to light that over £400 worth of stock was stolen in one go on the Saturday in the form of an orange and black plastic crate being removed from the stall while the staff were being distracted and several packs of resin bases being removed in what we now believe to be the same theft. We are pretty sure we know who the culprits are and it has been reported to the show organisers who are disgusted that it has happened.

    We would ask any of you at the show that saw anything to let us know. Also if you see any of our products being sold online other than via Bad Squiddo Games, the ebay seller zmm-online or our webstore at http://www.gydran.com to please report it to us. There is no camera surveillance in the hall where we were and for the first time ever doing shows we didn’t have our normal security camera up (we were very busy and it was forgotten).

    The theft consisted of several of our large Elsor-Varo sets including Heavy Support, Breachers and Crisis units. At least 20 blisters of assorted types and several small sets including the Dweorg Raiders and Space Critters.

    It’s never a nice thing to have anything stolen. We are a small company and the theft has left us in disbelief that someone could do that. We urge you all to spread the word and share this as far and wide as possible. Lets create enough heat under this that the thieves find it near impossible to sell their ill gotten goods.

    If you are the thieves and reading this, if you return the goods to the PAW venue we will not take it any further. However, if we catch you we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.

    Thanks guys, and remember to share as far and wide as you can!


    I have shared this on FB and Twitter.

    Mark Austen

    Thanks Mike, you’d struggle to finder a kinder guy than the owner of Gydran Miniatures.  Really disappointed that we share a hobby with the sort of people who’d do this to such an obviously small company!


    I know him and have met him and he is a nice guy indeed.

    Fredd Bloggs

    Grrrrr and similar words to that effect.

    Breaks your heart when trading when things like this happen.


    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is not the word, I am mortified that this happened in my home town, I was at PAW myself this weekend.   What utter thieving scumbags I have been attending this show on and off for 35+ years as a visitor. gamer and trader.  Having stock stolen must be infuriating and that cost you profit.   Makes you want to do B and B (baseball bat and balaclava) and a bit of knee cap tap dancing, I know Mike you condemn insults but I feel passionate about my hobby and I have been doing trade stands for several years and nothing like this has happened to me.  I honestly thought our collective hobby was above this type of thing.


    Agree whole heartedly with Mr Harley. Theft is wrong no matter what, but for a member of such a niche hobby as ours (because that is what they must have been, or surely they wouldn’t have been at the show) to steal from a trader knowing full well that the majority of manufacturers do this for love of the hobby and not to get rich… well, that’s both disgusting and disappointing.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Darkest Star Games

    That is really horrible.  I’ve heard of vendors having their cars and tailors broken into and stock stolen, and i have had display models taken during a Con, but nothing so brazen like this.  I hope the culprits get caught and are given the torture of 1,000 X-acto cuts and superglued eyelids!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Oh dear, that doesn’t make good reading. Sadly, in every town and in every walk of life you always will get despicable people like this.

    I had forgotten all about PAW. Was so busy the weekend, doubt I could of gone anyway.


    Ivan Sorensen

    OOof, that’s terrible 🙁

    My best wishes.

    Nordic Weasel Games

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