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    Norm S
    Norm S

    Egyptians and Hittites with their glorious chariotry

    Romans and Barbarians

    Elephants, Elephants and Elephants

    All 1066 stuff

    Wars of the Roses

    English Civil War

    American War if Independence

    Napoleonic to include Austrian and Russian armies

    American Civil War

    WWII early

    WWII mid

    WWII late

    And now the old Europe 1985 is gaining interest.

    So at the moment, I am painting 1 regiment of ACW Union! That should help


    Mike Headden
    Mike Headden

    I only game one period.

    250,000,000 years BC to 50,000AD



    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!



    Can’t beat that.

    Tired is enough.


    Haha, great list Norm!  My actual collection is:

    Romans and Barbarians (I have plenty of chariots for my Celts too…)

    All 1066 stuff

    Wars of the Roses

    English Civil War

    Napoleonic (including Austrian and Russian armies)



    Angel Barracks
    Angel Barracks

    I like a fair few things, but I collect only one and play that even less.

    15mm fantasy.


    I’ve narrowed it down over the years:


    Roman Britain

    Colonials – Particularly piracy/adventure in the Pacific and the Boxer Rebellion, though all of it is good

    WWII – 1940, East or later West front.

    Cold War – late 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s


    Arab-Israeli Wars

    African Imagi-nations

    Soviet-Afghan war

    Modern Europe

    Sci-fi/Post Apoc/Near Future

    Star Trek

    Colonial to Modern Naval

    WWII to Modern Air

    Darkest Star Games
    Darkest Star Games

    I’ll play just about anything, but my current collections are:

    micro Nappies (unpainted)

    1/600 ACW

    Vikings and such (for pig wars)

    WW1 air

    Pulp (not nearly enough)

    WW2 (air, coastal, and land)


    Vietnam (lots)

    Iraq/A’stan (unpainted)

    lots and lots and lots of sci-fi

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    I separate out and compartmentalise dozens of different flavours of fantasy, sci-fi and other fantastical genres as things I like independent of each other. I won’t list them. Suffice it to say I can’t pick favourites, so they’re all things I have or intend to have as projects, although many of them are fairly unambitious individually and there will be quite a lot of cross-use for figures and terrain.

    I like pretty much all of history and moderns, but not intensely enough to want to invest myself in them, unless possibly in very low-maintenance ways (e.g. 6mm skirmish and 2-3mm massed battles, combined with beginner-friendly rules and an amount of research that stays at the level of broad strokes and so-called “potted history”).


    In terms of collections I’d have to list:

    28mm Marian Romans, Gauls, Carthaginians and Polybian Romans, a smattering of other Successors

    54mm and 28mm Gladiators

    1/600 ACW Naval, 10mm ACW armies

    28mm Aztecs and a few Conquistadors

    28mm FIW

    54mm Spanish-American War and AWI, some Colonial Brits and Zulus, some Boers

    1/144 and 1/72 scale WWI aircraft

    I’ve had other periods/scales come and go but these are the things I tend to keep. Though I’d probably part with the planes and the 10mm stuff if the right offer came along. Of course, the only active collection at the moment is the ancients.

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