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    Ali Dogan Sayiner

    A merchant ship in the orbit of planet Tarhana attacked by space pirates. Couple of escape capsules managed to land safely on planet surface. And you are inside one of them.How the story can continue I want to  hear from you.


    contact me via : [email protected]


    Holy carp that is cool.


    Yes, very, very cool.

    Who are the three characters we’re seeing? Might be helpful to know before we start giving you suggestions as to how to proceed with the story.


    Awesome bit of scenery.


    What kind of planet have they landed on? Desert, Arid etc.

    Are the pirates likely to come down to attack those that escaped?

    Are the inhabitants of the planet hostile? Are they creatures, or a developed species?

    What survival equipment is in the escape pod? Food/water? shelters? Medical equipment? Weapons?

    Depending on the aswers to these questions as to how I would proceed.


    Cracking bit scenery, certainly fires up the imagination.

    As for the story…um….I’m with Shelldrake. Need to do an inventory of equipment. Weapons in case the pirates decide to come and finish the job. Medical supplies, also high priority. Could be injuries from the crash, looks like a rough landing. High chance of more injuries along the way. Maybe there are supplies which could be traded for more useful items Later. Since it was a merchant ship and maybe Tarhana is a trading post. Hence the pirates interest.

    Did an SOS get sent? Is there a rescue team out looking? Maybe worth trying to locate anymore escape pods. Does Tarhana have any outposts or places of shelter? So help can be found.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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