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    You can find them here: https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/4905/Tactical-Assault-Games/subcategory/9375_9412/Tactical-Assault-Combat-Cards

    Looks like they came out ~8 years ago, I am just now seeing them.  Any one have any experience with them or thoughts on the concept?  I find the idea intriguing.




    Doesn’t really tell you much does it?

    I have this;


    Which seems pretty good. I haven’t played it yet but the AI responses look reasonable.

    I also have this and am very pumped by it;


    My son and I have played a game, made mistakes but still had a lot of fun. Downside is you only play 4 soldiers. You have a set mission with definite objective and that defines your general actions. The AI driven opponents have their own objectives but may react to you actions. It plays a lot like the card game Warfighter by DVG games as far as fell goes. He has a Youtube presence where he plays through a few scenarios which helped my identify and correct mistakes we made.


    tiny solitary soldiers and Javier at war both have some good info:




    Thanks guys!  I may give Hostile AI and Battlespace a look too. I’ll check out Javier as well.

    I am taking the plunge at $4.99 and buying the cards.  I’ll print them this weekend and give them a spin in the next week to so and let you guys know what I think.

    One thing that stuck with me from my wife’s comments on playing pulp alley is that she did not have to remember any special rules, she just looked at the card and it told her what to do. I guess that is why Memoir ’44 style games are popular (I used to have it, and I may pick it up again) but I am looking for something more nuanced.

    I’ll let you guys know how it goes.



    I have just emerged from the Battlespace ‘rabbit hole’ that I opened some hours ago!! Thanks for posting that link Stephen!!!

    I have purchased, printed and am busy cutting up the cards etc for a game of 3 this weekend……..what a great system!!

    I’ll need to find a local print shop to do the rules and cards in all their glory but the greyscale version is eminently readable……..thinking ahead now for other forces to knock out some cards and scenarios for………



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    Battlespace(If you don’t mind me taking this off topic)

    I printed it all up in colour and full size (make sure to pick actual size or 100% not “fit”. Then I folded each card so one side is the info and the other is the “generic” type face. These can be sleeved into standard game card sleeves (make sure to get clear as some have colour on one side where the type face would be). Presto. Mine fit in a hot chocolate tin (thin square and tall) but I also have some hard storage boxes (plastic) similarly shaped which hold cards in sleeves.

    What gets me is how you could easily change out opponents in any asymmetric game environment like Soviet Afghan war, many colonial actions or zombies. I haven’t looked too hard at it but increasing the unit size may also work. I would have to consider whether to enlarge the opponent forces size or make them more numerous (cards per game) or just how to balance. I could see the good balance of the game being put out of whack very easily by the wrong attempt to keep balance while increasing the friendly unit size.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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