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    L L

    Wrote this a few years back but some wont have seen it so thought it might be of interest.


    The Dragon Gruppe Fehrmann Tiger kit was the first 1/72 model I bought in a very long time. A spontaneous purchase in my now gone model shop. Its a Dragon kit and a Tiger I thought what better way to start back into 1/72 scale.
    Having made a number of Dragon 1/35th scale kits I opened up the box with some anticipation. Very nice it was, odd certainly as its a sort of cobbled together mid/late Tiger for a special unit in the Ruhr pocket ( as memory allows).

    First problem is a rather fundamental one. All the pictures of the actual vehicles
    show them having zimeritt, the kit is non zimeritt. Then there’s the rear idler wheel that is molded so as to sit to far ‘out’ and throws the tracks out of alignment. Then the tracks, never liked rubber tracks much but these are beautifully molded and with a bit of work you can get the sag etc.
    Only problem is the tracks are too long. Too short fairly easily sorted, too long a pain in the rear.Metal tow cables are included, absolutely terrible. The twist of the wire nowhere near tight enough to be right and the wire itself so springy as to be a nightmare to fit. Replaced with the lovely EUREKA ones.

    Then there is the exhaust baffles. Someone at Dragon HQ thought it would be a great idea to have these cast in pretty thick brass. Must be someone who never makes models I’d suggest. Looks very nice but if like me you like to do a bit of battle damage to a model is almost impossible to cut, bend or anything else the brass is so tough.
    Otherwise its a nice enough kit but the problems above rather make the £14.95 GBP I spent seem a heck of a lot.

    Now to a kit I bought after a bit more research, the Dragon Tiger I E with Zimmerrt. Wanted this for my Normandy Tiger unit and thought as it was a later release it wouldn’t have the problems of the Gruppe Fehrmann one. Oh you mad optimist!
    Lovely kit in the box, beautifully rendered Zimmerrt and really sharp moulding.
    Then the same problems as above, idler same defect requiring major surgery, tracks too long, exhaust baffles made from left over battleship Armour plate, grim tow cables. In addition whereas the Fehrmann kit had separate tools this kit has them molded on and not that sharply either.


    The to cap it I was hoping for an open option for the hatches, the Fehrmann had the commanders and loaders hatches separate. In this kit just the commanders hatch! Never sure why kit makers do this. Takes virtually no more work or cost to produce open hatches as an option. So major surgery needed to get that on the kit.

    I have a second Zimmerrt Tiger but this time I’ve bought some OKB tracks which look fantastic.

    Now on to the Revell Tiger I offering, going to be a lot shorter review on this one.
    Its a great kit. The tracks are of the ‘section’ type which looks a bit intimidating at first but after a few dry runs are a doddle. One tip tempting though it is to paint the tracks and wheels before assembly this deos mean you have to resort to superglue. Better in my opinion to paint the lower hull and wheels serperatly, then assemble the wheels, Then you can scrape the paint off the wheels where they will connect with the tracks. Painting the tracks in situ is pretty easy.

    These are brilliant kits.

    The only problem for me was that I wanted zimmerit for my Normandy Tigers.

    You can get an etched kit to add this I just did it with milliput and a tool as I out-
    lined a while ago with some Panthers. If you do this just remember to drill through
    the holes for the exhaust manifolds, track cables and mudguards.

    All three Tigers together. In all the pics the one with open drivers hatches is the Dragon with zimmerit.

    Nothing else to say really, out of the box these kits make a great Tiger.


    Darkest Star Games

    Great looking big cats, Leon.  Tell me, looking at the pictures there seems to be a slight difference in the shape of the turrets between the Dragon kit and the Revell one.  Or is it just my shifting eyes?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    L L

    Yes the Tiger turret isnt symetrical as often thought. Seems to be done slightly differently by different makers. As I remember the bolt counters reckon the Revell one is correct.



    Excellent, thanks for sharing.


    Great work there Leon.  I too have a Dragon Fehrman Tiger, but I took the easy route and bought the ready painted version!  Only £1 more than the unassembled kit at the place I bought it.  A bonus is that some of the Dragon pre-paints I bought are selling for a pretty penny now, though I can’t see me ever parting with them.

    L L

    That sounds like a very good move Deephorse, all the fun non of the grief!

    Problem with me is that I’m way more of a modeller than a gamer so I just cant resist a challange…..yep thats right dim!
    Working up a Esci Brummbar at the mo,started as a nice easy quick job…………………… by the time I’ve finished with buying the after market bits/scratch building its gonna end up costing as much as a 1/35th scale one lol I never learn………………


    Darkest Star Games

    hahah, I am so with you Leon!  I once built a friend a 1/72 Centurian Mk5 RAR based on a pic of his tank from his time in Vietnam.  After all the photo etch, tracks, tools, various odds and ends and some scratch building of the extra fuel tank and the beer coolers and stuff I could have bought Porche!  Ok, maybe not that much spent, but seriously over the top!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Lovely Tiger trio.

    I’m thinking about buying a Tiger or two. So you’d recommend the Revell over the Dragon overall?

    L L


    Yep Id reckon the |Revell Tiger a much better kit, just take your time with the tracks if you unused to the system.

    Tim, a dunk in warm/hot water and a few stretches over a period  of a couple of hours sorts tracks that are too short, refixing shortend tracks a real pain.

    I just dont bother with ‘rubber’ tracks these days, if I have to buy a kit with them I replace with OKB resin  ones.

    Ah etched sjide skirts are lovely 🙂 Im working up some mesh ones for a Pz IV J at the moment.


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