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    Sane Max

    I found a big bag of these, unusually the crosses are even lengths, so I am looking for scenery to make with them. The obvious one is simple ACW fences, with sticks as logs – i may well just base the spacers up and paint them wood-brown, and then put garden twigs on as ‘logs’ and varnish them as-is, no extra painting. Any other terrain suggestions for these? I have several hundred!

    Also obviously is as wwii Barbed Wire Posts, three tile spacers with a cross piece, barbed wire to decorate.

    Norm S

    Anti Tank beach defences (representing those made from girders or rail track)

    See here – look at photo’s 8 and 11 for examples and scale – LINK 


    I use them for the cross-piece frame things on windows. Just nip off the ends if they dont have square/flat ends.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Sane Max

    well, I have made 24 feet of tile-spacer fences. Had another brainwave from the mind that brought you using cat-litter and PVA mixed together to make walls (works really really well!) and mixing Compost and PVA and then applying it to a table as a realistic-looking playing surface(also works well but has a strange effect on cats)

    Drybrushed the tile spacers brown, stuck them to bases, flocked them, and then put twigs that I had soaked overnight in PVA on – done. Took about an hour. They look pretty good. No I am not gonna post pics here, what is this, a Library?

    Of course, Now I have 24 feet of fences that are perfect for 20mm ACW…. and I don’t own a 20mm ACW army. TO THE INTERNET!


    May I quote the internets and say:

    “pics or it never happened”


    Sane Max

    that means working out how to use a camera???? wellllllll i will try…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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