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    telzy amber

    … in this day of Corona

    I ordered some of Mikes wonderful residents of Simurgh. I absolutely love the Simurgh Civilians. They make me smile when I look upon them. Also I believe they have options far beyond Simurgh. They recall, to me, many of the later background characters in the first two Star Wars prequels. I look forward to seeing them on the battlefield or, at least, in a bar or café.

    Do they have cafés in the Star Wars universe? Bars yes but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone consume sustenance in one.

    I need to do some alterations to one of the packs as I don’t want exact doubles. They must be unique. So give me some suggestions on changes I can make to keep the second package also unique. Hats. I love the hats but perhaps you can suggest a different funny hat style?

    In case my title was incoherent my order crossed the great Atlantic pond speedily and arrived, safely, at it’s destination this day


    Cool beans!

    Not immediately sure on conversions, maybe some sort of eye wear, but I found that when I painted 6mm historicals as 6mm sci-fi, using orange helped a lot.
    The reed carrying dude on the left, he would look good with some goggles, but on the bottom bit of the hat, how some people wear glasses on their head when not using them?
    Some sort of tablet/data pad hanging off a shoulder and resting near the waist for another?

    Looking forward to see what you do.


    Funnily the hats make me think of Guinan from Star Trek TNG. The similarity didn’t turn out to be as great as all that once I actually looked up photos of the kind of hats she used to wear, but still, the general vibe isn’t that far apart.

    But maybe convert one of the hats to be more like that? Less tall, but flaring out more?

    I completely get what you say about not wanting exact doubles. I’m the same way with my skirmish projects.

    Mike Headden

    First thoughts … well first thoughts were “why damage such nice figures” 🙂

    However, as an inveterate tinkerer with sculpts I soon had some thoughts.

    Lady, first left: remove hat, add some green stuff hair and have her bareheaded …. they must take these things off from time to time!

    Guy, second left: either remove the top of the hat and have him in a cap with ear flaps OR remove top of hat and add some sort of cone shaped “coolie” type hat on top?

    Big guy: No idea!

    Grey Lady: card disc, remove centre, snip small chunk out of the remaining doughnut, glue in place to give slightly downward pointing brim?

    Water carrier: remove top of hat, leaving only the brim, drill out a little of the centre, glue suitable size bead in place to give globular hat

    Mister snooty: Add visor to helmet

    Other than that – pouches, pets (alien or otherwise), laspistols, etc all add to the sci-fi vibe and add to the variation


    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

    Thaddeus Blanchette

    How nice of Mike! That’ll at least spice up quarantine,

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    telzy amber

    Mike H those are great ideas. The big guy gets a beer mug. There is more involved but. Mr Snooty looks so so much like a T’ang era government official. I love him but he’s gotta change. The firewood cutter will get assorted droid parts in place of wood. The hat suggestions sound great.

    Mike S the firewood/droid collector absolutely needs goggles 😉 and there definitely is a great need for tablets/data pads

    Mike Headden

    Beer mug for the big bloke sounds ideal. I’d wondered if you could drill out the hand and have him clutching a wine bottle but beer mug is easier to do!

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

    telzy amber

    Holding a wine bottle by the neck isn’t too hard. What I don’t really know how to do is spilling the wine/beer. Translucent liquid plastic. I’ve seen it, I just don’t know how to do it. I suspect a thin clear plastic piece from mug/bottle to the mouth, coat with clear 2 part epoxy, let dry, then continue to build it.

    But it sounds like so much work and maybe that’s not the way to do it

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