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    5th Fighter Squadron “War Dogs”
    Fighter sweep, the objective is to destroy the 731th Fighter Squadron based at Eagle Cove. Fly with 2nd FS to Eagle Cove and gain air superiority. 1st FS will fly BARCAP south east of Eagle Cove. The Saros Air Service should have a CAP up so expect a fight right away. Strafe the airbase and destroy aircraft on the ground if possible otherwise shoot down all Saros aircraft.

    Cold Cash (F-104, 0 kills)
    Thief (silver Mirage, 2 kills)
    Mud (gray Mirage, 1 kill)

    Cold Cash broke left planning to circle around the cloud and surprise the Migs, thief and one of 1st squadron’s F-5 sped ahead. More Migs enters the area. Thief flew a little wide and fast seeming like he would come back around but turned towards a Mig at the last moment, letting out a burst that damaged the plane. The Mig shot back and the silver Mirage was shredded by the cannon rounds, Thief punching out. Mud fired a long stream of bullets and took the other Mig down.

    One of the F-5 finished off the damaged Mig with a missile not knowing he had a tail, despite the Mig being right up the F-5s tailpipe, his cannons missed. Both Cold Cash and Mud lost sight of the Migs but Cold Cash found himself in a position for the perfect missile shot, if he had a missile. Mud saw the shot as well but couldn’t pull hard enough before the Mig turned away. His time has come, Cold Cash zoomed in on the turning Mig and let loose a very long burst at the silhouette of the Mig, and only managed to scratch the plane (so much for his skill in gunnery).

    The other Mig was after the F-5 that killed his friend, out of cannon ammo he fired a missile from minimum range, it was too close and only damaged the F-5. The Mig fired another missile but it went wide. Cold Cash couldn’t even make his F-104 turn with a damaged Mig. Everyone else was flying lazily, even though Mud could possibly get into position for missile lock, luckily she was too cool to rush it and spot a pair of F-104s entering the area. Not sure if it’s hostile or friendly she hesitated until the remaining F-5 went for the new arrivals.

    ^The damaged F-5 ran for home with a Mig harmlessly following it. Cold Cash caught up with his target and continued to miss. He finally managed to shoot down his first kill on the third try and down to the last few hundred round of ammo. On the other side of the cloud, another dogfight was in progress.

    Mud easily turned into an F-104 and fired a burst, her shots were wide and her cannons went dry. She overshot her target but the other F-104 flew right into her sight. The 104 made a mistake of extending the range getting away from her guns and Mud fired her missile, damaging her target. The damaged 104 turned to escape, Mud out of ammo chased it anyway, and saw a missile trail from behind her, tracked the 104, exploded and the enemy aircraft disappeared.

    Cold Cash was going for another round about of his favorite cloud, followed by an F-104, who fired a missile but missed. Cold Cash disappeared into the cloud saving him from another missile shot while the others closed in on the remaining aircraft. Mud had had enough, without any ammo she couldn’t do anything and turned for Mitka. Cold Cash baited the Saros 104 towards the remaining 1st squadron F-5. The sluggish 104 didn’t stand a chance and the F-5 damaged it on the first pass, missed a missile shot but managed to finished it off with cannons in the end.

    The operation was a major success, review of gun cameras confirms 5 kills for one loss.

    Mud complaint about 2nd squadron’s BARCAP that somehow let the entire Saros Air Service through.

    After a little search the SAR flight picked up Thief, although now he doesn’t have a plane to fly.

    Cold Cash (1 kill) $1
    Thief (2 kills)
    Mud (2 kills) $1

    Tired is enough.
    R-rated narcissism

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