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    Having won a couple of flea-bay auctions last week, I ended up with several bits of Titans without carapaces and various useful bits.  So a bit of hacking and chopping I have ended up with my versions of Titan variants.

    This one is a VSGT (void screen generator Titan) designed to close in quick and aid damaged Titans or close support of convoys who need protection.  It has 4 extra VSG’s on its back, I will work out rules for it later.  A light weight carapace with one long range weapon and one close combat weapon.



    This one the first design of a reaver class, light weight carapace and one long range weapon and close combat weapon.


    Final one I had the leg and weapons of a reaver Titan, built a body and carapace, arm supports out of foam and scraps.  Long arm, long neck reaver mk2.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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