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    It’s been a trying summer with week after week of temperatures in the mid 30s often peaking over 40 (that’s in the 90s to over a 100 for you Fahrenheit-dinosaurs).
    Being a bit of a painting-junkie, I do often get in a bit of painting late at night when sometimes (but not always!) the temperature drops.Co-incidentally, I’m currently painting a 12 figure Highland platoon for the Sudan.
    I know too well how heavy kilts are. Did they have a tropical-weight kilt back then or did the poor sods have to wear something woollen & heavy in the baking Sudanese heat?



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    No idea about the kilts , but hot weather means the paint drys faster….

    Rod Robertson


    Paint while dressing regimental, good Scot! Let it all hang out!

    Cheers and good gaming!

    Rod Robertson.

    Guy Farrish

    Think they wore standard kilts, albeit with Wolseys lightweight ‘Khaki’ shirts and jackets. This lot look pretty hot too me

    Cameron Highlanders before Atbara



    Real life informing on wargaming…….part 2.

    After many years in OZ I’m pretty inured to the heat. However, I have the option to dress for work in light weight formal clothes: no heavy suits for me.

    Drinking copious amounts of water, access to a/c, even sunscreens: the point is the squaddies in Guy’s photo must have suffered terribly day in, day out.


    Guy Farrish

    Obviously in another theatre – the Highlanders suffered for their dress at Magersfontein when pinned down in front of Boer positions all day in the sun, the rear of their legs, particularly the backs of the knees, being badly sunburned. Which doesn’t sound much compared to a Mauser bullet but meant that the survivors were not combat effective for some time after.

    They had an extra layer of material to carry there as well, wearing khaki aprons in front of the kilts to camouflage the tartans – but not very effective if they went to ground!


    We normally have temps ranging from upper 20s F to just above freezing this time of year, but we are averaging 20-25 F higher than normal all this year, and supposed to be in the 60s every day next week.  Weather has been most agreeable, but not much painting getting done, as the day job has gone back to 12-15 hour days, 7 days.  Just too tired too work on the hobby now, even if I get a minute free.

    Dinosaurs??? You kids and your new fangled toys!!  That stuff is never goina catch on.


    At least kilts would have allowed better ventilation than trousers. You should try one, Ochoin.

    Someone told me once that if you wear underwear, it’s a skirt, and it’s only a kilt if you don’t. But she had been drinking, and she might have been flirting with me. I’m socially awkward, so I couldn’t be sure and I never found out.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!



    A very American interpretation of the kilt in that clip Ochoin!

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