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    Avatar photoDeleted User

    I don’t paint every day but most. Not today though. 35c (95 for you Fahrenheit-challenged) & the start of a long, hot week.
    The house has several rooms with a/c & ceiling fans in the rest but a hot day just drains away the will to paint.

    I have a “chop-shop” of NKE chariots in various stages on my desk & some Swedish heavy artillery for the TYW half-done but they’re going to sit there, I think, until the weather breaks.

    What inhibits you in the hobby?


    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    Hi Ochoin:

    Like you, heat and humidity shuts down my painting. Also workload, life and the ever present doldrums in painting.

    I have 48 Hittite hordes, Soviet infantry in great coats (160 of them), 5 Pz 38(t) tanks, and an Skdfz 253 Command/OP on the painting bench and sitting off to the side are 7 BT-7 tanks which are done except for a final black wash, basing and dull coating. There are 12 BMP-1, 4 T-62 and 1 T-72A on the assembly bench opposite the painting bench.

    I also have some MDF Middle Eastern buildings on the assembly bench being slowly covered with spackling compound prior to basing and painting.

    Everything above is in 15mm scale.

    Cheers and good luck with your painting.

    Rod Robertson.


    Avatar photoMike

    35c?  eeeek

    I actually like the heat as painting 6mm requires so little paint there is not much of an issue with it drying out on the brush/pallette.
    I actually like it for casting too as I can get more done, though you do have to work fast.

    Family and mojo inhibits my ability to get stuff done.
    Were I single I would have loads of painted stuff.

    Also I think that as I don’t play very often, there is no incentive to paint stuff as they wont be used as such.

    Avatar photoGaz045

    Weather, work and family always impinge on hobby time.

    When I lived in the UK, sunny days meant undercoating and clear varnish final coats, rainy days meant indoor building and painting and actual playing!!

    Now in southern Spain, spring and autumn are the best times for productivity, warm days are ideal for prep and undercoating along with the few cloudy and rainy days are for indoor painting etc. The hot summers are not good for painting as the paint has dried on the brush in seconds and can be uncomfortable if a/c is not on!

    Winters can be cold, best for indoor construction of kits, painting and gaming!!

    Throw in all the normal constraints and spanners, time and ‘mojo’ withstanding, any hobby time is good!!!

    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"

    Avatar photoThuseld

    In all honesty the main thing that stops me is tiredness. During the week I don’t paint. I work, see my family then work, have an hour to relax then bed.

    Friday night – Sunday night I paint/model. But can be so tired that I can’t be bothered. Last night I intended to paint some 6mm figures but by the time I had enjoyed my pizza, ironed my shirts and sat down I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. Stranger Things and Netflix it was.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I’m in Sweden, so “too hot to paint” is not something I can relate to 

    Winter darkness can be a problem, though. Aside from the obvious fact that the lack of sunlight tends to “dull me down”, it’s always preferable to paint in daylight. Sometimes, the day after I’ve painted a figure in the evening / late afternoon, I find the colours aren’t quite what I intended them to be in natural daylight. What was supposed to be feldgrau turns out annoyingly close to a “fashion statement” seagreen / teal / dark cyan, and so on. This makes me slightly reluctant to paint after mid-late afternoon around this time of year.

    Due to the problems of spray-priming and spray-varnishing when it’s frosty outside, and the fact I don’t have a garage or shed that could ameliorate these problems, I’ve long ago switched to undercoating with gesso and varnishing with brush-on varnish. I’ll never return to spray-priming or spray-varnishing, of that I’m quite certain.

    Avatar photoPaul

    Like many, heat drains my energy and completely demotivates me to do anything. I’m in South Africa, so summers here can get hot as hell (cars thermometer showed 37 degrees C the other day).

    Other than heat, work and family commitments stop me getting as much done as I could.

    But most nights (when it is cooler) I get a bit of painting done (wife watches TV, I paint in the lounge with a headlamp for light).

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    I tend to my painting, and a fairly high proportion of my wargaming, in the summer, although when it gets to nearly 40 degrees Centigrade I find myself slowing down, or stopping.  I tend to do my painting in an outbuilding that lacks several window panes, so I am in the shade, but still the open air.  (I haven’t wanted to replace the panes because housemartins sometimes nest in there.)

    During the winter, I spend more time playing train.  That also tends to be the time that I use to make messes of perfectly good wagon and coach kits.  During spring and autumn, I tend to find a lot of calls on my time from the jungle err… I mean garden.

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Work and family life really impact on my time. Also late Spring through to early autumn I get very little done as I want to enjoy what passes for Summer in the UK!

    Avatar photoMartinR

    I tend to do most painting in spring and autumn. Stuff to do in summer, and in winter I’m utterly exhausted by work and SAD. 35 degrees though, eek! We had snow on the mountains yesterday and the wind chill was -14, which was a tad chilly.

    I expect normal autumnal rain and wind will resume shortly.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Avatar photoirishserb

    Well, I hate hot weather, but my job is the great hobby killer.  It often takes up my free time, and tends to aggravate a tendon problem in my hand, which often kills hobby progress, even when I have free time.

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Extreme heat kills my interest in basically anything. Part of why when my wifes job gave a choice of relocation to either Michican or Arizona, the choice was pretty obvious for us 🙂

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