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    TWW already has a great searchable directory of gaming companies here that you can use to locate what gaming goodies you need.
    This is great for allowing you know who sells what, but as consumers we often like to buy from people we like.
    The Trader directory does not give you a feel for the person though, so I thought I would start this topic and let companies talk a bit about themselves.

    Don’t forget you can subscribe to this topic too, you may discover something interesting, good or bad!

    Angel Barracks


    Michael of Angel Barracks here.

    I first played with miniatures back in the 80’s and started like so many by finding my local Games Workshop ©.
    I played and gamed for a good few years and then moved away from my home town of Birmingham due to work and ended up drifting away from gaming.

    Then in 2006 I got back into gaming and decided to carry on where I left off, with 6mm.
    I started Angel Barracks as I struggled to find a single website where I could buy everything I needed to return to the hobby.
    For the first 6 years I was only stocking other people’s products, but then in 2012 I started making some of my own, 6mm sci-fi wildlife and quickly followed these with civilians.

    In order to raise funds for developing my own range I sold off all the other stock I carried, which was over 2500 products at the time.
    I am now well into my own range of 6mm sci-fi and have a free set of 6mm sci-fi Skirmish Rules called KR 16.

    I want to show that 6mm can be a viable scale for ‘normal’ gaming and that it does have detail and can be as serious as bigger scales for smaller gaming like skirmish games.

    It is a struggle as 6mm sci-fi is not that big (fnarrr) and 6mm sci-fi skirmish is even smaller..
    Still I believe in it and will carry on forging forward with more detailed 6mm sci-fi goodness!

    William Jones

    TWW already has a great searchable directory of gaming companies here  that you can use to locate what gaming goodies you need.


    Outstanding thread topic, but link needs repair.



    Outstanding thread topic, but link needs repair.

    Link works for me.


    The Bandit


    Suppose I ought say something about myself and The Wargaming Company.

    I started wargaming the American Civil War with Johnny Reb (v.2) about 25 years ago so in the scheme of a things a “new comer” to the hobby. Played various ACW games and other historicals, tried out Napoleonics with Napoleon’s Battles, then got into BattleTech and well, things have just spiraled out of control from there.

    Around 2008 I started working on the game that would become Et sans résultat! (ESR). This was after reading and playing most of the big names in Napoleonic rules and many of the small ones: Empire, Nappy’s Battles, Corps d’armée, General de Brigade, Column Line & Square, Quarrie’s Rules, and a bunch of others.

    In the spring of 2015 The Wargaming Company officially became a company. We’re based in the US Midwest, like most wargaming, hobby related companies we’re small but luckily we’re also nimble. In 2015 we published Et sans résultat! (ESR) and this winter we started offering Napoleonic miniatures in 15mm from the Old Glory 15s line, we are also importing products to the US from the UK starting with Leven’s excellent 6mm resin building product line.

    Starting next year in 2016 we have plans to publish additional titles – both internally developed and stuff from 3rd-parties. These will include more games in different periods as well as expansions and scenario collections. We’re always excited to hear from someone who is looking to publish a game but doesn’t have the means to, so if that’s you, please reach out and we’d love to talk. We’ll also be expanding what we import from Leven to make those products more available in the United States and are actively looking for more companies both inside and outside the US who would like us to carry their products – so if you’re someone who is making something neat but you don’t want to deal with sales and distribution, reach out and we can help.


    The Bandit aka [email protected]

    craig cartmell

    The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare was founded a year ago to allow Charles Murton and I to publish our own books.
    Our previous work had either been free (FUBAR, In the Emperor’s Name, Dead Simple RPG etc.) or published through Osprey (s etc.).
    Our first MoGW publication has been Daisho, skirmish wargaming in mystical Nippon, which has been doing rather well. Our second, Blood Eagle, will be launched at Salute 2016.

    Both Charles and I do all this in our spare time as we have full-time jobs and all the baggage that implies. We’ve each been gaming for over thirty years and originally met when we were Eurogencon and Games Fair D&D Tournament DMs.

    We have plans covering the next three years for the MoGW which include a third supplement for IHMN and a number of projects which shall, for the moment, remain secret 🙂

    I run a number of blogs and fora including:
    Wot’s all this then?
    http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?board=82.0 (discussion board for IHMN)
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1411598512466256/ (for Dead Simple)
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1668152890087837/ (for Daisho)
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/424811634371518/ (for Blood Eagle)
    https://www.facebook.com/itengame/ (for In the Emperor’s Name!)

    I don’t get bored…


    The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare

    Ali Dogan Sayiner

    Hello everyone, I’m Ali of Sayıner Micro Toys  I’m from Turkey and  I’m not a veteran wargamer like many of you. Actually I can say I never played a miniature wargame with an opponent. I was so fascinated about what I saw , miniature companies from UK and US specially 6mm range. With 6mm range you can drive large armies in vast landscapes, for a affordable price.  it was really for me like my childhood dreams was about to conquer the world. Now I’m 34 and I know nothing can make me feel  better , sit at home and play games with my children. One of my dream is also spread this hobby in my country.

    Sayıner Micro Toys is only about one month old . I’m very excited about what I do and become very happy when  I recieve  feedback from people.

    contact me via : [email protected]

    Russell Phillips

    I’m Russell Phillips of Shilka Publishing. I played my first board wargame (Avalon Hill’s Stalingrad) back in the late 1970s, and started wargaming with miniatures in the 1980s.

    My first interest was World War II, but nowadays my primary interest is the Cold War, which was known as Ultra-Moderns when I first started playing it 😉 I’ve also enjoyed Napoleonics and dabbled with Warhammer 40K for a while, as well as playing odd games of various other periods.

    I was out of the hobby for some years, and gave away all of my miniatures, which of course, I now regret 🙁

    I started writing articles for various magazines (the wargames glossies, the SOTCW Journal, trade magazines) back in the 1990s. A few years ago, I decided to try writing something longer, and that led to Shilka. Although wargamers are a sizeable chunk of Shilka’s target market, we’re a publisher rather than a “pure” wargames company.

    I have a blog at http://www.russellphillipsbooks.co.uk/blog.

    Military history author
    Website : Twitter : Facebook


    Having just found this thread, I’ll fill in some details about my history and the genesis of Gomi Designs.
    It all started in the ‘70s with Airfix 54mm plastics and a copy of F.E.Perry’s Small Book of Wargaming from the library for me and my best mate from school. As we grew we developed more sophisticated home-brew rules and we had discovered the life-long hobby of war gaming After a detour via Role Playing we re-discovered wargaming with Bodycount and Platoon 20 Vietnam towards the end of the 80s. Started attending wargames shows, then found a WW1 rule set and started 15mm WW1 with Minifigs and later Peter Pig.
    I started Gomi Designs to publish some rules – my “Mecha Carnage” anime mecha rules, and a friend’s Fantasy Skirmish rules. Some Alien Grey figures followed
    (now with GZG) and later I decided to try with some WW1 15mm vehicles which I needed but no one produced.
    The big change came when I sold my 10mm Vietnam stuff and decided to change to 15mm – no-one produced (at the time) Riverine boats for Vietnam (represented in 10mm by the excellent range from Mick at the Drum/Mayhem Miniatures).
    I thought, I’ll make some for myself and if anyone wants to buy them, then that will help with the cost – I had a go at some boats, then a PACV and it’s built from that.
    I have a slowly (very slowly) expanding range of Vietnam boats in 15mm and hoping to add to it in the near future

    Tim Parnell – Gomi Designs

    Tim from Gomi Designs. 15mm Vietnam riverine. www.gomidesigns.co.uk


    Signing up.

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