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    Ivan SorensenIvan Sorensen

    Okay, so this is for my old pal Kyote (and anyone else really).

    A blow by blow of how a turn works in Trench Hammer.
    This is also applicable to October/Winter/Squad Hammer in general.

    Step 1

    It’s my turn and it’s time to stick it to Jerry.

    I’ll roll 2D6 for my Command roll. I get a 2 and a 4, so I have 4 orders this turn.
    Each order lets 1 unit do a “thing”. (page 7 of the rules).

    If my guys were hardened vet’s, I might give them a +1 but in this case, we’ll keep it basic.

    Step 2

    I can now pick 4 units and have them each act, in whatever order I want.
    There’s 4 orders available: Engage, Regroup, Withdraw, Redeploy.

    I pick one of my machine guns and open fire on the Germans up ahead with an Engage order.

    Step 3

    You can set target numbers on the fly, but if we use the suggested modifiers on page 9, we see that we’ll hit on a 7+, but the bad guys are in a shell hole, raising the target number by 2.

    So we’re trying to roll a 9 or higher on 2D6.
    I roll a 10 and hit.

    I roll 1 die for damage and they take 2 points of damage. Not too rough, we probably just pinned them down and gave them a good scare.

    Step 3

    I pick a rifle squad and send them up the road to fire at the same German squad.

    Since we’re within 12″, the target number is reduced by one, so I need an 8 or better.
    Unfortunately, I roll a 4, so I blow it.

    In fire fights (12″ range), the enemy gets to shoot back, so they fire back at me.

    My guys are moving in the open AND at fire fight range, so the Germans only need a 5 or better.
    The 2D6 roll comes up a 7, so they hit and roll a 4 for damage.

    Ouch. My squad’s pretty torn up, probably took several casualties.

    Step 4

    Third action, I pick another rifle squad and send them up close.
    They actually make it within assault range (6 inches) so we’re going in bayonets first.

    Assault combat works like shooting, but the target number is 2 points lower and they get to hit back simultaneously. This might get rough!

    I need a 7 to hit (7 base, +2 for shell holes, -2 for assault) and manage to hit.
    They need a 5 to hit and succeed too.

    I roll for damage. A 3. The German squad has now taken 5 damage in total. THey are almost destroyed.

    They roll and score a 1. Good luck on my part. The sarge got roughed up a bit by a shovel but thats about it.

    Since the Germans took more damage, they withdraw 6″ and my squad moves into their position.

    Step 5

    Finally, I have one order left. I pick a unit that was shot up on an earlier turn and I Regroup them, letting me roll to recover damage points.

    Then, my turn is over.

    Conclusions from this turn

    As we might expect, shooting an enemy out of a position is rather difficult without overwhelming firepower.
    However, combining both machine gun fire and the infantry assault meant the German squad is now near destruction (you are destroyed when you exceed 6 damage points), whereas the assault on its own would have left the squad still able to resist.

    Seems like it might actually be kind of sort of realistic huh ?

    In the German players turn, he’ll be well motivated to try and get that squad out of there (probably recovering a damage point in the process as they withdraw) since almost any weapons hit will knock them out.

    I should add this is using the rulebook assault rule, not the new opposed roll system we’re messing with. But I thought this would be easier.

    Questions folks?

    Nordic Weasel Games


    I have questions, what do the Germans do on their turn??  Shouldn’t some of the Brits have to fall back??


    Ivan SorensenIvan Sorensen

    Cheers man.

    For the Germans turn, the best bet for the beat-up unit is to Withdraw.

    That gives them a normal move away from the enemy and they can roll under their current damage to “heal” 1 point (as they put distance to the enemy).

    Hopefully that gets them in a friendly trench with some nearby troops ready to provide covering fire.

    From my reading, units didn’t tend to fall back unless it was either ordered or they were being assaulted. Taking heavy fire in no mans land, it seems the best chance for survival was to go to ground and try to become invisible.
    So that’s what I’ve used: If you take more damage from an assault you HAVE to fall back, otherwise, it’s up to the player.

    Make sense?

    Nordic Weasel Games


    Still not sure why the Germans withdraw but not the Brits?

    Ivan SorensenIvan Sorensen

    Oh sorry, the Germans withdraw because they lost the assault.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    Ah ok, that helps.


    Sometime over this weekend, I will try to pull together a video using the current out of the box Trench Hammer Rules.   Stay tuned!



    Can you add closed captions to your video JozisTinMan? That would really help me.


    Good stuff, thanks for the clarifications Ivan! Looking forward to the video Jozi.


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