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    Alexander Wasberg

    My first post of the new year, and after some time in the land of the rising sun, it’s of course about mechas!

    I had found yet another set of rules for making giant robots fight each other.

    So I decided to test it out today:

    The Battlefield, a small town in the badlands.

    A NTC warrior scores the first hit on one of the SADU Turtle-class mechs.

    Another Turtle mech attacks on the other side of town, causing an electrical fire in the warrior mech.

    Firing again, the warrior hits the reactor of his target, blowing it up in a spectacular explosion. The mech next to it is immobilized as shrapnel tears through it.

    The NTC commander blows apart a turtle with a five-missile salvo…

    ..But this put him into the O-yoroi’s sights! The cannon shells knocks down and stuns the commander.

    The warrior mechs execute a pincer manouver, destroying the experimental unit in a storm of bullets.

    I’ve added a few more pics, along with the full write-up on the blog:
    Thanks for looking!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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