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    Avatar photoNorm S

    Jervis Johnson and the Perry’s have developed a set of  streamlined Napoleonic rules to assist with demo games at conventions.

    they look rather nice, so I have given them a spin with a smaller scale and put a bit of a write-up on the blog.




    Avatar photoOotKust

    Werry inter-westing… quick draw Magraw… 🙂

    Avatar photoTony S

    I wasn’t aware of this.  My thanks for not only mentioning it, but mentioning it in great and fascinating detail.  I just may have to give it a try.

    As an aside though, the last couple of times I’ve played Black Powder (I freely admit that it’s not my “go to” rules, but upon occasion it’s good fun) we’ve modified the turn sequence to “fire” then “move”.

    Interesting to hear that Johnson has done so as well in this new set.   That was one of my things I disliked about BP – that a unit could march briskly across the table to deliver a murderous volley at point blank range whilst the enemy merely watches.

    Thanks again Norm!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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