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    Hi all,


    I am delighted to say that after some delays the Twilight of Divine Right rules and two scenario books have been published.


    The rules and scenario booklets

    The rules cover the period 1618 to 1660 and are based on the concepts of the Twilight of the Sun King Rules (http://www.wfgamers.org.uk/resources/C18/Twilight/ToSK.htm). One scenario book has 10 ECW scenarios, the other has 12 TYW scenarios.

    More information on the Twilight of Divine Rights rules are here – http://www.wfgamers.org.uk/resources/C18/Twilight/ToDR.htm

    Each is £12 or £8 if you are a member of the Pike and Shot Society and are available here (it is not listed as I write but is available and will be listed soon) – http://www.pikeandshotsociety.org/

    Alternatively they can be picked up from the society stand at many events.


    I have been following the links for:

    Twilight of Divine Right: Europe’s Tragedy: Thirty Years War Scenarios

    Twilight of Divine Right: By the Sword Divided: English Civil Wars Scenarios


    I cannot find anything about them other than they provide scenarios for the rules.  Presumably, they are actual battles of those wars but which ones? What do the books have in them in terms of detail?




    The list of scenarios are on this page http://www.wfgamers.org.uk/resources/C18/Twilight/ToDR.htm

    The ECW ones are –

    Edgehill, 1642
    Lansdown Hil, 1643
    1st Newbury, 1643
    Cropredy Bridge, 1644
    Marston Moor, 1644
    2nd Newbury, 1644
    Naseby, 1645
    Knocknanoss, Ireland, 1647
    Winwick Pass (Preston), 1648
    Dunbar, 1650

    The TYW ones are –

    White Mountain, 1620
    Stadtlohn, 1623
    Lutter, 1626
    Breitenfeld, 1631
    Alte Veste, 1632
    Oldendorf, 1633
    Wittstock, 1636
    Tornavento, 1636
    Montijo, 1644
    Jankau, 1645
    2nd Nordlingen (Allerheim), 1645
    Lens, 1648

    The intention is to release at least one more TYW book, a ‘Eastern’ wars book with Polish/Muscovite/Ottoman battles and a post TYW book (1650’s to 70’s).

    The rules are aimed at doing large battles relatively easily – so most are 1 vs 1 games playable in a single gaming session. Units are rated for tactics, quality, weapon ratio, special abilities/qualities (like having regimental guns or commanded shot). If you are asking can they be used for other similar rules sets then yes they probably can, assuming the set you have in mind has the appropriate period type – unfortunately not all do. You could use them with other sets but with more work.

    I hope that helps.


    It certainly does!  Some good AARs would too!


    On the AAR’s I am will post up some stuff on Lutzen 1632 we did a while back. I am afraid that generally my group isn’t good at AAR’s. None of us can use a camera and we just get caught up in the game 🙁

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