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    Do you use when on your phone. The regular version or the mobile version?

    Russell Phillips

    I wasn’t aware that there is a mobile version, so I guess I use the standard version. It’s a responsive theme, so it works fine on my phone.

    That it just works on my phone is one of the things I’ve liked about TWW from the start 🙂

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    If the regular version is a responsive theme, does that mean it appears different on a phone than it does on a PC? If so, I’m not sure which version I’m getting on my phone. Does the phone version have a different URL or something?


    Yeah sorry, poor terminology, does it look like this:

    or this

    when on your phone?

    Shaun Travers

    I use the mobile version as that is what comes up by default.  But I don’t access TWW (or any other gaming forums) very often via my phone – I would guess maybe once a fortnight for TWW on the phone.


    In that case, it’s the former for me (the phone-optimised view). It’s the one I automatically get and I wouldn’t know how to switch to the other view – not that I’d want to. The phone-optimised view has worked very well for me so far, with the minor exceptions of the website title graphic (which goes off-screen after “The Warga”) and the vertical banner ad near the bottom of the page (which isn’t strictly wrong or broken per se, but it’s a bit big so not perfectly optimised for this view).


    The first one is what comes up on mine, but I don’t use my phone for browsing.


    I use mobile version

    Ivan Sorensen

    I prefer regular version at any given time.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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