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    Tony Noble

    I got tired of waiting for people to make available modern Chinese army vehicles and made some of my own. I just acquired a 3d printer and found some 3d scans from a Asian student who had been to Norinco which I then converted to stl files. Here are the results I made 3 type 99 tanks and 4 Wz 551 apcs as the information I have found is tank platoons in the PLA are 3 vehicles and 4 in Mechanized forces.

     photo TMPchinese15mm 027_zpsf6mhveru.jpg

     photo TMPchinese15mm 028_zpsg8yhfo9u.jpg

     photo TMPchinese15mm 030_zpskoeqlzf7.jpg

     photo TMPchinese15mm 031_zpsg5howqda.jpg

    I have painted them based off of color photos off the internet and they are made from PLA plastic which is light, rigid and modellers cement works well on.

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    Kudos, what is next in the pipeline?

    Rod Robertson

    Tony Noble:

    It is hard to tell from the photos but that looks like excellent work. Are they all one-piece printings or did you print them in components and then assemble them? Do the turrets on the tanks and AICV’s articulate? From what I see you have done an outstanding job. Well done, sir. This is proof the the hobby will be transformed in the next decade or two by homemade make and play printing. What do you reckon was the per-unit cost in materials and time for you to produce these? Is it a viable alternative to buying commercially available kits and minis? Awesome for players but it bodes ill for manufacturers and merchants perchance. That would be sad, but such it the fate of cartwrights and barrel makers I suppose. Time marches on and eventually makes us all obsolescent. By the way, I’m not in the business, I’m just a consumer.

    Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to reading more about your one-man ultramodern military industrial complex. What I have seen so far is VERY impressive.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Woohoo, thanks for posting over here, Dude !!!

    Tony Noble

    They are single piece castings as I am absolutely new to digital sculpting and do not currently posses the knowledge of how to manipulate the files to remove the turrets and cast them seperately. I personally would not make the models multi-part because the piece is more sturdy as a single component and they are intended for gaming not true modeling. 3d printing has opened my eyes but I can state unequivocally that it is FAR from simply plug in and push a button status. If you do not count the cost of the printer the materials in these models cost about $2 each plus about 2 hours per model to print. This is my attempt to turn my hobby into a part time enterprise for additional cash flow as well as scratch my eclectic hobby needs. Thank you for the compliments.


    Keep working on them !!!

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