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    Tony S

    Just saw on Sean Clark’s twitter feed, who does the Gods Own Scale podcast, this:

    How nice! An email from someone calling themselves VB (?) has sent an email into God’s Own Scale telling me what a pathetic podcast I produce and that I didn’t deserve to be in the same category as The Oddcast and Battle Chat for the Caesars Wonderful. Why do I bother

    Even if you don’t like someone’s efforts, why must you feel compelled to make such rude and crass remarks?  What a sad little life this VB must have.

    For the record, I quite enjoy Sean’s podcast, even though my 6mm efforts are limited to Napoleonics and ACW.   I tend to listen to him while painting and rather enjoy listening.   I trust he won’t be offended if I paint larger figures than 6mm while listening!

    Just wanted to go on public record that I for one certainly appreciate all the efforts he, and other podcasters, put into making our hobby richer.

    Here’s a link to his podcast, although I do listen to it on Spotify, so I’m not sure if it will work for non subscribers.

    Mr. Average

    We live, alas, in a time where it’s not sufficient to believe yourself right – everyone else has to be wrong.

    Norm S

    That is a great shame to hear, but no longer a shock. As they say, the best thing about the internet is that everyone has a voice, the worst thing about the internet is that everyone has a voice!

    In such a niche hobby, we need to be grateful to everyone who steps up and makes an effort to share their hobby to entertain the rest of us. I imagine the podcaster has spent a bit of money on kit to get his podcast up and running and in terms of time sacrificed, the weekly contribution that he makes to get it done must run into several hours.

    ian pillay

    Norm, I could agree more with you opening observations. Personally I ditch most social media other than LinkedIn for work purposes and no enjoy a quiet life reading posts and occasionally contributing to here and my blog.



    Maybe they are sad over the death of Mike Hobbs and are lashing out?
    Grief is a funny thing, could be that?


    It’s the way of the world.  Saying something mean and nasty to someone you will never encounter in person is all too common.  The cess pit that is social media has mostly made things worse.  Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for.

    Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.


    It seems odd. But on the other hand, I had a phase of reviewing films on IMDB and it was more fun to review the films I didn’t like.


    Guy Farrish

    I went through a phase of enjoying creatively negative reviews, film and theatre reviews in particular, but it became tiresome when it became clear that the role of professional critic had become a branch of entertainment in itself and, as reviews, their works were less than helpful, and increasingly less than honest.

    Not liking something is okay and if you can’t put your finger on why, or it is something that can’t be altered, – voice, look, accent, best to simply not listen/watch.

    If it is a problem that can be addressed – length of the work, depth of interviewing, sound/vision quality, then mentioning it and suggesting correctives where possible is a good thing and worth doing, in a polite way.

    Commentary about specific content – for example not understanding a particular angle on marketing, perceived responsibility of gamers to do x,y or z when they are personal choices, or not agreeing with the zeitgeist of particular painting modelling or sculpting styles is also fine if done without personal attack.

    Just writing and saying ‘you are xxxx’ doesn’t strike me as helpful, useful or informative except telling us that the sender is in dire need of corrective kinetic facial adjustment.

    I am not a great podcast listener, but God’s Own Scale is one I do like – particularly enjoyed Whirlwind’s interview.



    It is a sad fact of the internet times that people feel that the can be self obsessed experts and criticise anything they don’t like.  Like most wargamers there are periods or scales I am not that interested in (probably more to do with time, money, space than not wanting to have a go) but I always appreciate the time, effort and skill all hobbyists put into their chosen scales, periods and models.

    John D Salt

    There is of course a difference between criticism and mere abuse, as described here

    I recall Larry Wall’s apothegm that “The social dynamics of the net are a direct consequence of the fact that nobody has yet developed a Remote Strangulation Protocol.”

    All the best,



    It is certainly sad that someone has nothing better to do than snipe anonymously. As has been said, pathetic is the best descriptor.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    The only thing I got out of it was “this podcast isn’t for me.” though, yes, he could have and should have said it better.

    It is only about as useful as someone leaving 1 star (or 5 stars!) and not saying why they did or did not like the item or publication.

    I would not get too bent out of shape about all this.  Haters will always hate.  Or as Mike said above, maybe there is something going on with the individual and maybe he couldn’t put his best foot forward.


    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

    --Abraham Lincoln


    Have the nominations for CAESAR AWARDS got anything to do with this?  If so, a sad comment on ego fragility for someone in the hobby, but then we know, as with all walks of life, not everyone is angelic every day.


    I have no problem with being creatively critical, as many people here know. But try to be constructively critical, at least! Tell them why their project doesn’t push your buttons and say how it might. Just don’t trash the poor guy! Now I am going to have to listen to this podcast.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    Seems pretty odd behaviour.  Whether you like the show or not it is hard to see how anyone’s life is improved by this kind of thing.  How would the complainant’s life be better if Sean stopped?  My life on the other hand, and those of the other listeners, would be worse.





    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Mr. Average

    I have had my share of weird left-field criticism of my comics, over the years. It happens. I once accidentally made a scatalogical joke in Russian that warranted great mirth in the East (don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore). All you can say on the creator’s side is “I’ll try to do better next time” and then ignore the useless parts.

    It’s still disappointing to see people chime in solely to talk about what they hate, of course. Sign of the times I guess.

    Guy Farrish

    I think people have always done it.

    It’s just that now they have the platforms to make it global.

    Swings and roundabouts on the www.

    Tony S

    How serendipitous!   I’m actually just starting the podcast that features Whirlwind!   I’d say “small world” but this is the wargaming hobby, so that’s a bit redundant.

    Outliers aside, I’ve been wargaming for over four decades now, and by and large the generosity and kindness is this community has been amazing.  It has gotten me through some bad times, especially quite recently.

    I recall Larry Wall’s apothegm that “The social dynamics of the net are a direct consequence of the fact that nobody has yet developed a Remote Strangulation Protocol.”

    Perls of wisdom.


    Mr. Average

    Perls of wisdom.

    I see what you did there. 😉


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