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    Bill Weston

    Hi there. My name’s Bill Weston & I own & run Under Fire Miniatures, a company selling figures for a timeframe spanning the Spanish Civil War to the present day. The packs that I sell are scaled for use in 20 & 28mm sized games and the figures themselves are cast out of white metal.

    This is my first post since fully activating my account on this site and it’s intention is to showcase new and upcoming packs.

    First up…

    1982 ‘Peace in Galilee’ Israelis 4: M47 ‘Dragon’ atgm team

    1982 ‘Peace in Galilee’ Syrians 4: AT-3 ‘Sagger’ atgm team

    A link to the online store where these and other packs can be bought can be found below…



    Also, just sent off to be master moulded. They are,top to bottom…

    28mm Cold War Soviets Pack 1: Command team
    Will contain RTO, officer, marksman & grenadier.

    28mm Cold War Soviets Pack 2: PKM pack
    Will contain 2 PKM LMGs and 2 rifleman.

    28mm Cold War Soviets Pack 3: RPK pack.
    Will contain 2 RPK LMGs and 2 rifleman.

    28mm Cold War Soviets Pack 4: RPG pack
    Will contain an RPG-7 gunner and 3 riflemen.

    All figures will be scaled for use in 28mm games and cast out of white metal. I hope to have them in the online store by the end of the month.

    If anyone has questions they’d like to ask, please do & I will answer to the best of my ability.


    Bill Weston.

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    Thanks for sharing, there a quite a few with separate arms?


    Bill Weston

    In the 20mm packs most figures will have separate arms, the IDF gunner has two, the Syrian gunner, loader, IDF cmdr & loader all have one each. In the 28mm Soviet packs there’ll only be the two seperate arms you see in the photo’s.

    Hope this helps.


    Bill Weston.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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