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    Under Fire Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of the final two packs of it’s 28mm mid to late 80’s Cold War US figures. These gents come equipped with K-Pot helmets, kevlar body armour & PASGT webbing and will provide excellent atgm & light support for Under Fire’s existing range of mid to late 80’s Cold War US figures. You get a M47 ‘Dragon’ atgm in firing & moving poses with pack 7 & figures with M60 lmg’s & M72 LAW’s in firing & moving poses with pack 8.

    Also going live is the third of four planned American Partizan packs. As well as defending their homes against the invading Reds these figures can also be used in post apocalypse, dystopian & Zona America games too. They are armed with an eclectic mix of weapons, such as the Mini Ruger 14, a lever action rifle, a pump action shotgun and the ever dependable AK-47.

    Below are photo’s & a link to the online store where they may be bought.

    28mm Late 80’s US 7: M47 ‘Dragon’ atgm team

    28mm Late 80’s US 8: M60 lmg’s & M72 LAW’s

    American Partizans 3




    Bill Weston.


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