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    Bill Weston

    Newly released for November. New packs, new lines and two new ranges

    First up…
    28mm scale Bundeswehr 1

    4 x 28mm scale 1970’s to 1980’s West German Bundeswehr riflemen, armed with G3 assault rifles. These are to compliment my range of similarly scaled East Germans and will be expanded on later in 2016 to include command and light support options. West German police are also on the ‘to do’ list too.

    Link to online shop below…


    New 20mm scale range: South West Africa

    A brand new range of figures inspired by and centered around the battles in Southern Angola and northern South West Africa (now Namibia) during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Starting in the 80’s I will be releasing packs of SADF in pattern 83 webbing, wearing kevlar helmets & carrying R4 assalut rifles. Once this line is complete I will be releasing Angolan goverment, Cuban advisor and UNITA packs. Later on in this range I will be releasing SADF packs in pattern 73 webbing.

    Initial releases are below…

    South African Defense Force 1

    South African Defence Force 2

    Link to online shop below…


    New 20mm scale range: Riever 2025.

    Riever 2025 is a fictional timeline set in the near future 3 years after a hypothetical Unilateral Declaration of Independance, or UDI, by Scotland in 2022. It’s purpose is to provide you, the gamer, with a setting and scenario’s in which you can use the militia, police, PMC & spec ops packs I will be releasing for it.

    My armed U.K. Police have been rebadged to fit in with this new range and initial Riever releases are shown below.

    Riever 5: Urban Militia pack 1

    Riever 7: Countryside Militia pack 1

    Link to online shop below…


    All ranges are scaled as indicated and cast from white metal. I will happily answer any quesions people may have.


    Bill Weston.
    (Under Fire Miniatures).



    Those civvies will be useful……..very PA/Zombie survivor! Nice variety of weapons too……..

    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"

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