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    Does anyone have any info on the HQ flags carried by the first iteration of the Union XX Corps in 1863?

    I’ve seen the photo of McCook and his Corps HQ staff with their HQ flag (showing an eagle with ’20’ on its breast).  I’d originally read that this flag was blue, but further reading would suggest that it was actually red (the near-identical flag of XIV Corps HQ being blue)?

    What of the divisional HQ flags?  My assumption is that they matched the style of XIV Corps’ divisional flags, with stars arranged vertically near the hoist, with the number of stars indicating the number of the division?  Red field?  Black or white stars?

    All my books and almost all online sources just show the later single-star flags carried by the second iteration of XX Corps, adopted from the absorbed XII Corps.

    Any assistance gratefully received.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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