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    Buck Surdu

    I recently ordered some “half men” from Mirlaton.  They are nice figures, and they were nice enough to sell me cavalry figures without the mounts.  I didn’t realize until they arrived that they are torso-up figures — the legs would have been molded to the mounts.  I was going to mount them on wargs as a change of pace.  Does anyone know of other 28mm cavalry (suitable for hobbits) that have the legs molded to the mounts so I can do a torso swap.  Ideally, I’d like something unique, like lizards or something.  I have hobbits on chickens (The Assault Group), ponies, and wargs. I think my hobbit cavalry brigade would be cool if I had a unit mounted on lizards, dinosaurs, or something equally odd.  I may mount them on the Wars of Ozz (Old Glory and Sally 4th) Gillikin cavalry on goats if no one has any suggestions for something even more unique.

    Tony S

    Mantic are coming out with halfings soon apparently.   Interestingly enough, there will be a hard plastic set that has both foot and cavalry in it, although possibly different sprues, and Mantic does (or used to) sell individual sprues direct mail order.  That said, there might be one single sprue with two infantry and one cavalry figure.

    Obviously I’ve no idea whether they legs will be moulded on the dog body, but hard plastic is easy enough to kitbash.

    Mantic-Fest Recap – Kings of War



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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