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    A good day to you all

    After a period of extreme collection resizing, my only 28mm project right now is my 17th Century Western-European Force (modelled as New Modelled Army) for Liber-Militum Tercios. I have progressed the project finishing command figures (using the Old Glory 28mm English Civil War Parliamentary Pack). See pictures (intermixed with other smaller projects ) at



    The next levels for this project are

    1) Adding four more infantry units in order to be able to field two diamond brigades.

    2) Adding some Dragoons

    3) Adding an artillery piece with limber

    With Respect




    Avatar photoTony S

    Now that’s quite the headgear on Lieutenant General Kolokotronis!  Did you convert or sculpt that figure?  Seems quite unique.

    I’ve always like painting up personality castings myself.  A bit of a treat after turning out so many nameless troopers and soldiers, and one can take a little more time and care when painting the general.


    Oh my, sorry for not noticing this. The figure is from the Old Man’s Creations company. A boutique wargame miniatures creator business in Greece

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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