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    Avatar photoWill McNally

    Given my existing forces are up to 40 years old I decided to upgrade them like I have already done with my British, Russian and some of my Germans.

    Some armour to provide a second Tank Battalion

    Some Italeri quick builds


    Back up with some Armourfast, picked up at Bovvy, couple of Brittania jeeps in the background, still need the crews painted


    Plastic Soldier Company for the infantry, with various additional bits added from some Valiant sprues I picked up.


    First an Armoured Infantry Battalion


    I decided to ignore the scale issue with the MGs



    Just completed a normal leg battalion, I’ve given them a water cooled 30cal instead



    Sharp eyed observers will note the lack of AT guns, I’ll probably convert some of the spare PSC heavy weapons crews with some arms from the British or German AT crews to make these.

    Avatar photoLardy Rich

    Nice work Will.

    I’m just in the process of getting my 29th Infantry Division force together for a post-D-Day campaign.   If only PSC did 28mm tanks!



    Playing the period, not the rules, since 2002

    Avatar photoWill McNally

    More progress over the last couple of weeks.

    A third battalion

    and finally the fourth, Italeri infantry for a change

    Some extras, OP teams and radio jeeps completed.

    Avatar photowillz

    Keep up the good work Will.

    Avatar photoWill McNally

    Completed the 57mm AT guns guns. I needed them to finish my US infantry for a game using the 29th Infantry Division tomorrow, which meant I had to work with the resource to hand to create the guns and teams. So four of the guns are an Airfix hybrid with Plastic Soldier Company barrels and wheels and the crews are from the US heavy weapons set. The last is an old 6pdr.

    For those who like comparisons, in the foreground and inset, there is from left to right a Plastic Soldier Company 6pdr, one of my conversions, then an original Airfix 6pdr.

    Avatar photowillz

    Once again Will lovely work, I must get around to building and painting some American anti-tank guns.

    Avatar photoFrank Heffner

    Nice work. I’m working on finishing some U.S. for BattleGroup.

    Avatar photoWill McNally

    Yet more completed.

    Reece Squadron upgrade – I’ve touched up and rebased the figures and replaced the 30cal MMG with that from PSC and the 60mm mortars with the Italeri ones, so the unit is over 50% new.

    Still not got enough vehicle to go with them, Still missing are three more Greyhounds, another M8 HMC and three M5 light tanks. But depending on what the scenario requires I might not need them all or can borrow them from other units.

    Engineer Battalion upgrade – again touched up and rebased the old figures, only added repalced the 30cal M1917 MMGs this time. It is slightly over-strength as I’ve include a flamethrower for each company, which is needed for some scenarios

    Just need an assault bridging trailer to complete it.

    Some extra vehicles, two good one bad!
    The good is a pair of short wheel base trucks as used for artillery tows converted from the Pegasus fast build kit. The bad is the Hasegawa M4A1 mortar carrier, way too wide and needed extra work to get the interior vaguely right, I should have converted one of the Plastic Soldier versions instead.

    The CCKW352 conversion was relatively easy, just needing to cut the chassis and body to the correct length before reassembling, the two spare wheels behind the cab came from an old Airfix 88mm. A work in progress picture to give an idea of what was involved

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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