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    Avatar photoDan Kennedy

    No, I’m not about to get on the pole…

    Work and family forced me to ignore my half-completed Blood Bowl teams for the last few months; finally pulled them out again last night and I really hate the colour schemes I started on them. I need to strip the figures and start again.

    What’s the best stuff available in the UK for stripping Vallejo paints off plastic models?


    Any help gratefully received.

    Avatar photoThaddeus Blanchette

    If you’re going to post a title like that, you should at least give us the pleasure of using you as a straight man. 🙂

    Isn’t Dettol what is traditionally used in the UK? Fairy Power Spray is also supposed to be the bee’s knees and you get the added bonus of telling your significant other that you’re going to the shops “to buy some fairy power spray for the stripping I’ll be doing later”.

    Some resources:




    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Avatar photoDan Kennedy

    Well I like to get your attention Thad!

    Seriously though, thanks. I’ll try both.


    Anyone else able to vouch for these methods?

    Avatar photowillz

    Place them in a jar of dettol for 24 hours, cheek to see if the paint comes off.  If not an other 24 hours and so on, this method works on metal and plastic.  Normally if I am stripping metal I leave them several days but plastic I cheek daily.

    You will end up with a lot of gunk do not do this on the other half’s best table cloths or in the living room, wipe off with thick tissue and wash with hot soapy water.  If stripping metal a wire brush at this stage pays dividends.

    Avatar photoCerdic

    I have used oven cleaner on old Airfix plastics, in the past. Seemed to work well enough.

    Squirt oven cleaner all over the figures, leave to marinate for 24 hours, then scrub with an old toothbrush under a running tap.

    Can’t remember what brand I used, just the first thing I saw in Tesco…

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    I know this is possibly ott, and I feel as if I have become either

    a) A mad cat person

    b) A fully paid up member of the Health and Safety gone mad brigade

    (or possibly both)


    Dettol may work fine – but preferably well away from any moggies.

    It is toxic to cats so don’t let them near any to drink, get on their fur which they might lick off in grooming, or spray near them if using as a spray.

    My moggy says I have done enough now.


    Avatar photoGeof Downton

    I have had success with isopropyl alcohol, soak at least overnight, scrub with stiff toothbrush, repeat as required.

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