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    Excuse my ignorance, but was there any great difference in the US and UK infantry uniforms in WW1? To my eye, they’re identical- maybe the US is a greener shade of mud. How do you tell the difference in a photo/ illustration/ model?


    Based on a cursory glance at the internet… The webbing and packs are different, British webbing had two rows of ammo pouches, US didn’t. US webbing also had those double suspender things the WW2 system had. The US packs are completely different.

    However, in the smaller scale such differences may not be evident. It had never occurred to me to use my British as US troops, for some reason I’d always envisioned them wearing Montana hats etc. A great excuse to field Brits as US and use my Renault FTs in support, no doubt with Patton riding the back of into battle…




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    Iain Fuller

    British uniforms look a few years older!

    Mr. Average

    The differences are pretty subtle – I once looked into this for a comic I was drawing. American uniforms were olive drab, while British ones were khaki, which is tan-green. Also American uniforms had high, stiff ring collars and cloth or leather gaiters, or high boots, while the British had soft collars and puttees. I think Americans began adopting British kit in Europe, though, it being more comfortable and functional in the field.


    Thanks for that!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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