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    A couple years ago Potomac Publications republished all their old ACW scenario books on WargamesVault as PDFs – pretty awesome because they had very nice, uniform scenarios with consistent maps, OBs, historical context, clear objectives, etc… They also had a wide variety of battle sizes included, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and further so that they were flexible for your gaming group. They were pretty generic, you could use them with any ACW regimental set you wanted and the larger ones could easily be used with brigade level sets. They were also entirely historical, not generic or fictitious.

    With Napoleonics I see less of this. There are scenario books for General de Brigade, Age of Eagles and Shako – I’m sure there are others too that I’m less familiar with. But the trend in Napoleonics seems to be scenario books designed for a specific rule set rather than scenarios that can be used with any range of rules. I know many can be “adapted” but I’m talking more about what the scenario books themselves are aimed at.

    In any case – do you use such things or write your own? And how come you do what you do?


    I tend to stay clear of scenario books unless it is packaged with a supplement that adds to the game, such as new rules or campaign rules etc.


    I either use history for my scenario ideas or come up with one based on the figures and scenery I have at hand.

    James Rivera

    I love to read good scenario books and also enjoy ‘tinkering’ with the scenarios to match my available figures and scenery.  For that reason the more generic the better and I have to say I’d love to see some generic Napoleonic scenario books like what you describe for the ACW.


    I sometimes use published scenarios but they are often from magazines rather than scenario books.  Sometimes I write my own.  I tend to write my own when I’ve been reading about the battle or campaign in question.  I’ve got nothing against the idea in general, although I think I’d be more likely to buy scenario books if I was sure that the history incorporated in them was totally up-to-date.

    I don’t mind if scenario books are designed with a specific ruleset in mind, I’ve never found one that was difficult to convert to my rules of choice in any period.  In theory, I imagine that there might be a problem if the ruleset used for a scenario doesn’t allow for the tactics of the day to be used, although in that case I’d be more likely to ditch the rules than the scenario (playing Waterloo with rules that don’t allow units to move in square, for instance).





    I tend to use general scenario books such as “Scenarios for all Ages” and “Programmed Wargames Scenarios” as well as Table-top teasers from Battle magazine and Battlegames rather than Historical refights.

    I came to the conclusion a while back that I am happier playing a table top teaser with 8-10 units a side than trying to recreate Waterloo…

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