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    Avatar photoStug

    Hi. I live in Quebec, Canada and I would be interested in buying MDF to create basis for my buildings but I don’t know where to search.

    I have also seen that MDF is toxic and I must be very careful. What are you suggesting to prevent accident?


    Avatar photowillz

    Follow this link.  Scan down the page and you will find links to all these companies.


    Canadian Terrain Companies
    Cardboard Dungeon Games – Gaming Mats, Retailer of TTCombat
    XOLK – MDF Terrain
    Six Squared Studios – Resin and MDF Terrain, MDF bases too
    RM Printable Terrain – 3D Printer Files
    Northern Lights Terrain and Gaming Supplies – MDF Terrain
    Broken Road Gaming – MDF Terrain
    Infinite Dimensions Games – 3D Printer Files (but priced in USD)
    M3 Gaming Studios – 3D Printer Files
    Tabletop Gamer Store – MDF Terrain, Bases and Organization Systems

    Avatar photowillz
    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    I have no idea about supply of MDF to Canada so this advice might be useless but, here in the UK, it is available in most DIY shops and many smaller local retailers of wood & other hardware supplies. The problem is often that it has a localised trade name (like Masonite in the US is Hardboard in the UK) and you’d need to know that from a local.

    As far as safety is concerned MDF is fairly safe to use provided you use some simple precautions.

    1) protect yourself from dust if you are cutting/filing/sanding it. A fairly basic dust mask will usually be adequate and clean up with a vacuum and a damp cloth afterwards.

    2) don’t use heat to cut it or shape it unless in a well ventilated area. Laser cut kits are fine to use even though they have been cut by heat – just don’t lick your fingers after handling the edges !

    Glue with PVA, anything fancier than that is a waste of cash.

    Tony of TTT


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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