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    Michael Moore



    I think its really peachy that the USN is on the verge of fielding an EMP Gun. The gun will fire a projectile at mach 7 at a range of 110 miles.
    My issue is this given that the curviture of the Earth at between 14-18 miles any thing over would be BVR and anything under would be well with in the OTH range of most antiship missiles,I can’t help but wonder the utility of the weapon. Try as I might open sources are dead silent in regards to how the projectile is supposed to be put on target to render such speed and range effective. Any thoughts or Ideas before investing in models of a Zumwalt class DDG for gaming.

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    UAV’s for targeting like the 16 inch guns on the old BB’s?  Could it be used for ballistic missile defense or shoot down cruise missile?

    It would be cost effective shore bombardment too, cheaper per shot (I hope) than a Tomahawk.  Curious to hear what people who know more than I do have to say.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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