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    Avatar photoBarks

    Hi all, I’m looking at changing my paints. I’m torn between Army Painter and Vallejo- any thoughts or experience with these two brands? I have a broad range of scales and interests, from muddy realistic historicals to cartoony Blood Bowl.

    Avatar photoSpurious

    I’ve not used the main line of warpaints colours but the washes and metallics of the army painter line are really rather good. Nice, consistent colours. The ‘strong tone’ is basically a better version of the old GW Devlan Mud and incredibly useful. Have had a wee bit of problems with the consistency of Vallejo game colours, but specifically only the bone white and mutation green. The yellows are particularly nice for an often problematic colour, and everything else has been satisfactory.

    Avatar photowillz

    I use Vallejo colours German yellow, Russian green, camo colours and USA green.   I use loads of  GW Devlan Mud (agrax earthshade) excellent wash.

    I tend to buy paint from garden centers, all purpose Acrylic by Docrafts, Design Objectives, Winterbourne, Dorset, BH21 6SP.  59ml/2oz bottle, price £1.25.  The paint is bright and flows well I use these colours for all my base coat work and they blend well.

    Avatar photoCerdic

    My paints are about 60% Vallejo, 30% Decoart craft acrylics, and 10% other odds and ends.


    I find the Vallejo paints are very good, with only the occasional dodgy pot! The Decoart stuff is much cheaper but still does the job, especially for larger areas. It is also stocked by quite a lot of art shops and in Hobbycraft, so is easier to get hold of.

    Avatar photoyorkie

    Vallejo Game Color and Model colour are for me the best paints I have used. I find the Army painter paint has a weird consistency,  its kind of thick and gloopy I suppose.  Im not a fan of it.



    Avatar photoBarks

    I suppose I’ll mix and match a few. Thanks for the advice!

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